Monday, July 16, 2012

4000 @ 7:03 pm

We sat here at our desk, anxiously watching the stat counter and making the appropriate changes in the ancient 1897 press counter.  We hit the 4000 mark at 7:03 pm on the two month anniversary of starting The Salmon Thing.  It was a very emotional moment for the blog author.  Thanks for your comment, Wayne!  "All In A Day's Karma" ROX!

(Note--the total shows 4030.  That's because the website had 30 prior pageviews before May 16.  We actually started it as a blog called "salmonriverguide" back in the Spring of 2010.  It lay dormant until May this year when we bought the current domain and renamed it "Salmon River Idaho Dot Net."  Hence we have to deduct 30 pageviews to get the real current total.  And in case you don't already know, our own visits to the site (which are a lot) don't count in the total.  Google's "statistical day" begins at 6 pm--hence the low number of pageviews under the "today" category.)

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