Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Idaho Season Schedule

The remainder of our Idaho Season Schedule is shaping up.  Here's a discussion of how it is shaking out.

We will enjoy a few remaining days of a great July sojourn at home.  Monday afternoon we leave for Site A21 at Riverside Campground in Island Park.  We will be there until Thursday morning.  Site A21 is easily the best campsite in Island Park...nothing else comes close.  We booked it months in advance.  he spot was booked solid all summer long even before Memorial Day.  Luckily, we can actually reserve the site.  Otherwise there would be no way to ever enjoy such an idyllic spot.  We are "regulars" at Riverside but have never had the forethought to book A21 so far in advance.  It will be our first time in this amazing little niche.

Susun's going to sit out the next road trip.  I will be back on the road less than 18 hours after we get back from Riverside.  I'm heading up to Salmon Country on July 27th and will remain up there until returning home Saturday, August 4th.  The agenda is pretty well fixed for that trip: Challis on the 27th, judge the Clayton Chili Cookoff July 28, meet folks in Stanley later that day and paddle The Narrows Sunday the 29th with The River Company.  The next three days are wide open.  Chances are we won't be hiking to the Center of The State, we're backlogged on tasks relating to our volunteer gig with the BLM concerning the Salmon River mile-by-mile guide.  We really need to finish that project and move on.  We will be down river in Salmon by Wednesday to finish collecting details for the BLM project. Hopefully, this will be the last trip to Salmon Country during which we have to mix our BLM volunteering with activities relating to our own eoffrts regarding the Salmon River Idaho website.

The Parks & Recreation Commission meets August 6th.  Lin M. and her son, Kai, will arrive for a one-day visit August 8th.  Lin returns August 12th for a couple more days.  Gary W. drops off his truck August 15 and then heads off for a 10-day backpack trip along The Teton Crest Trail.  On August 18, we head up to Salmon Country once again, landing at Heather's Place first and then going on down to Duane's Place at Cottonwood Campground.  We'll return August 24.  Gary arrives back August 25th after his hike to spend a couple of days with us.

As usual, we're heading to the Grand Tetons on or after Labor Day.  This year we will stay at Gros Ventre Campground instead of Jenny Lake.  We like the comforts of the poptop better than sleeping in a tent.
We'll be returning September 6th or 7th.

Susun flies out for San Diego on September 10th.  It's van's birthday party on the 15th.  Stasea is visiting from Hawaii so it's going to be a Grand Family Occasion.  Susun returns to Idaho Falls on September 20th.
WHile she's gone, we might make one final trip of 2012 up to Salmon Country.  It all depends.  Things are winding down up there by then so we might forego such a trip.

After Susun returns, there's a nice lull in the action until the first week in October.  That's when we gear up for our last camping trip of 2012 to City of Rocks with Spudboater.  We'll be arriving in COR Friday October 5th and returning on Columbus Day October 8th.

Once we're back in Idaho Falls, the remainder of the month will be spent preparing to leave for our Arizona Season shortly after Halloween. Chances are we will leave a little later this year than last year.  It would be nice to attend the November Parks & Rec meeting November 5th.  Likewise, it would be nice to drive through Salt Lake on a Sunday.  So, chances are we will leave on November 10th so we can hit the gauntlet on Sunday November 11th.

Dear Friend Jennifer B is finally retiring from a life of federal service sometime in November.  If her party is early, then our departure would change accordingly.

It's pretty amazing to be sitting here July 18th scoping the remainder of our Idaho Season Schedule.  That's pretty much how it goes...F-A-S-T!

Many Cheers, jp

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