Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Wise Women

The Legend of The Two Wise Women continues to grow with each passing year.  Although we have known each of these Dear Friends for decades, they came together as a Dynamic Duo in December 2001.  The Two Wise Women visited us in our straw house late one night when we were frozen by indecision and doubt.  We knew not what to do, where to turn or even where to go.  The Two Wise Women waved their magic wand over us and sprinkled us with the holy water of their profound wisdom.  They set us on a life-changing course and we have never looked back.  It was on that cold, windy and lonely night when their title was formally bestowed upon them.  They became forever The Two Wise Women.

From that day forward, whenever the Dynamic Duo gets together, magical things continue to happen.  There are no boundaries to what they can accomplish together, no limit to the new heights which they can scale and no known hindrance to how far their Spirits can Soar.

Imagine our surprise, delight, shock and glee when we learned that The Two Wise Women will be coming right here in River City to visit us in a mere 10 days!  That's right--they will be flying in on June 11 and, get this--leaving on the same plane June 15th that brings in Joshua.  Amazing but true.  It's such huge news that we are practically dancing an Irish jig.  Well, not quite.

The photo shows The Two Wise Women at our 2010 Winter Solstice celebration down in Arizona.  That's Phyllis is at left and Marsha is at right.  Dear Friend Kristen is in the middle.  Phyllis and Miss Marsha are one partying pair, that's for sure.  We promised them they will be caught up in a four day whirl wind from the very second they step off the plane until the time they wave goodbye.

Thanks, Ladies, you made our day.  Many Cheers, jp

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