Friday, June 1, 2012

Helping Hilda

Susun and Sidekick Dina have been hard at it this week planting the Hilda McClure Garden between The Falls and The Red Lion Hotel.  This is easily their most difficult year "plunking plants" in that sprawling flower garden.

Sunsun and Dina start each morning by traipsing off to the Maxine Elliott Greenhouse to pile in two truckloads of flats.  Then they go off to spend hours painstakingly placing each one according to Dina's detailed diagrams and spreadsheets.  This year Dina helped elevate the garden's layout to a form of flowery rocket science.  It's a lot of just plain old-fashioned down and dirty hard work.

Yesterday, just when things seemed to be never-ending, The Angel Factor appeared out of the clear blue ski.  That's right, not one, but THREE actual real guys stopped and said, "Can we help?"  Oh, my, Susun and Dina no longer felt like the Lone Ranger & Tonto there alone on their knees together.

Susun said the guys were great and they actually really worked hard and made a real difference in the day.  Typically, as you know, it's just not a "guy thing" to interrupt your daily schedule and stop to help two women plant flowers.  Besides, there wasn't even any free beer or peanuts anywhere in sight.  Likewise there wasn't a big screen TV showing the NBA playoffs any where to be seen.  Clearly, at least in our book, those guys must have been Angels in Disguise.  As we know from our Indiana Experience, such things really DO happen.

Thanks, Guys, we don't have your names but trust us, the Good Fairies who keep books at "All In A Day's Karma" have placed three large Gold Stars on your Life Charts.  Ya dun good!

Well, Happy June 1st.  May is now one for the record books.  So, how did we fare last month?  We penned a total of 32 blog posts here and another 25 over on the Salmon River thing.  Our May total here was over 50% greater than any of the previous four months and not far off of our long term average of 40 posts per month.  Readership picked up a little bit in the past week.  Comments continue below the stats:

      The Daily News                        

                    -- Site Summary ---                     

            Total ....................... 16,191            
            Average per Day ................. 22            
            Average Visit Length .......... 2:46            
            This Week ...................... 151            

          Page Views

            Total ....................... 26,605            
            Average per Day ................. 31            
            Average per Visit .............. 1.4            
            This Week ...................... 216 

Our average over the past few months as been about 19 visits each day for a total of about 90 seconds.  This week's jump to nearly three minutes shows visitors are spending nearly double the amount of time on the blog they were only a week ago.  Page views likewise increased by nearly 50 over the average of many past weeks.  That's encouraging for us here at Blog-O-Sphere Central.  It's also motivation to pick up the pace and prove May wasn't just a flash-in-the-pan.  We're going to have a tough time equaling the May total because of being on the road two weeks with Joshua.  However, we will certainly give it a try.  

Have a great day & Many Cheers! jp

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I have been especially enjoying the blog these days!!