Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pendulum Swings

Soooo....yesterday at this time it was 93 degrees here.  Yep, 'tis true.  You can check the data link to your left.  This is from the "They can't Make This Stuff Up Department."  Well, now, precisely 24 hours later it is 48 degrees and the wind is gusting to nearly 50 miles an hour.  Uh, huh, you read that right.  That's a drop of 45 degrees.  Put it another way, yesterday's temperature practically got cut in half in one day.  Tonight it's going to flirt with freezing.  The low will supposedly hit 35 degrees.  Nobody here had to worry about eye damage today looking at Venus sneak across the face of the sun--total dark cloud cover ruled the afternoon.

Next Monday it is supposed to be in the mid-60's for the arrival of The Two Wise Women.  Then the temps are going to rise a little bit into to the low 70's on Tuesday, upper 70's on Wednesday and low 80's on Thursday.  We sure can't ask for any better than that for their visit.

Brrr...we're putting on some warm clothes and gonna bake some taters and make some hot chili tonight!

Many Cheers, jp

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