Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hilda's Done

Susun and Dina did it.  They got 'er dun.  It was a huge effort this year--far beyond anything in the past.  Of course, the Hilda Garden has never looked better.  In each of the past years since all this began in 2008, the whole garden was planted in one day, usually well before 2 pm.

This year?  Not so much.  It took days and days and DAYS to get the garden planted.  In past years there were perhaps 1000-1500 bedding plants put in.  This year the total is at least 3,000 pending a final count and could go higher.  It's unlikely to top 3500. That's a HUMONGOUS amount of planting!  Today, Susun and DTD (DTD = Dina The Dynamo) had help fro a variety of people.  Shirley and Rachel came early.  I planted for an hour or two until the wrist started giving out.  Then Shirley #2 showed up for awhile.  Susun left before 8 am today and worked until after 3 pm practically non-stop.  When the ladies did stop, they practically flopped down under a shade tree to eat some banana bread and drink V-8 juice and water.  They looked like a group of weary highway workers taking a lunch break.  Naturally, the wind came up to a low howl in the early afternoon.

My intuition called me back about 2 pm.  Only Susun and DTD were sticking it out and you could tell they were really dragging.  Luckily, the gimp in my wrist had subsided somewhat so I was able to pitch in and help them over the finish line.  When I showed up they were debating whether to bag it but they toughed it out until the last plant was plunked in Hilda's Garden.
It really was an amazing undertaking this year.  Altogether there were four days of planting and another two days of garden prep and several hours spent poring over DTD's diagrams and spreadsheets as well as at least six trips to the greenhouse and on and on and ON.  Susun came home and pretty much colllapsed.  She just woke up from her nap at 6 pm and was heard groaning repeatedly as she limped to the kitchen for a Happy Hour libation.  Hilda's really have never looked better.  When Susun and DTD finished up and had their respective vehicles loaded with the detritus of the day, they barely had enough energy to give each other a hug. I am so impressed with them and so proud of them and just looking at that incredibly beautiful garden brings a lump to my throat and a mist to my eyes.  You did a truly incredible job this year, Susun and Dina.  THANK YOU!

Many Cheers, jp (Click the small pix to see the full size versions.)

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