Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of several each year when we especially think of my Dad and the other Vets who have defended and preserved our freedoms and our lifestyles.  Most of the time, we Americans take our gifts for granted.  We are proud to be The Greatest Nation on Earth.  Today is a special moment when we can reflect on the sacrifices our Fathers and Forefathers made to help us enjoy a holiday and all the other great days of our lives.  THANK YOU, DAD!

The skies finally turned blue today. The rain quit early last night.  The 11 am temp here is 56 and that's high that's it's been in days and days.  The snow level was very low and all the foothills are draped in bright white.  The distant mountains look like they do in the middle of winter.

We did manage to get a lot done during this stay-at-home weekend.  Like groundhogs, we retreated down into our burrow in the basement and busied ourselves with rooting 'round getting rid of stuff, stuff and more stuff.  Susun was particularly disciplined in her purge of stuff.  She disposed of a very impressive amount of stuff.  Way to go, Sweetie.  If we don't attack our stuff once in awhile it just builds up past the point of control.  Getting rid of stuff is a lot like going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned.  Bad things happen if you don't take care of your teeth and similar bad things happen if you let too much stuff accumulate in your possession.

The recent rainy days allow me to spend a lot of time on the Salmon River blog.  We've really been having an eye-opening experience in terms of the amount of news we are digging up.  Yesterday we discovered next weekend's Riverfest in Salmon, Idaho.  We put up a post on it and contacted the organizer.  It must have gone viral in a mini sort of way there in Salmon because we had 155 page views on that blog yesterday.  That's more page views in a single day than we've ever had on any blog, including this one, in our entire history of blogs over the years.  We were astounded to see the final tally of yesterday's page views.  That type of visitation can't be sustained at this point so we suspect it will drop back to its average of roughly a couple dozen page views a day--similar to what we experience on this blog.

Speaking of blog posts, we are ahead of our recent average.  The first four months this year we did precisely 20 blogs posts each month.  So far this month we have 28, including this post.  Meanwhile, over on the Salmon River blog we have 22 posts.  That's a grand total of 50 blog posts for the month of May.  Not too shabby, actually.

Houn' Dawg and Suzanne came over for our annual Memorial Day breakfast this morning.  We had a great time and made plans for a couple of camping trips this summer.  If the wind lays down later today, we will all four go try to play a round of kiddie golf.

Susun is actually going to volunteer at Habitat today.  Yes, they are open on a holiday.  We enjoyed a super brunch with Karen L yesterday.  She is doing such a great job with Habitat.  It has become part of her Spirit and Soul and it's so wonderful listening to her talk about all of the "doings" at Habitat.

Maggie's Maters got talkative again yesterday.  Here's what they had to say as they huddled shivering together out back of Maggie's Flagstaff house:

"You wouldn't believe what we've been through.  The wind was relentless all week, blowing 20-30 MPH consistently with gusts to near 50!  One thing tomatoes hate is WIND.  Luckily, we are in the wall o' waters, which provide some protection since we are still small. Despite our size, some flowers are starting to appear.   

But, wait until you hear this!  Yesterday the temperature was around 55 with more wind and the low last night was 28.8 in our yard.  We were prepared as best as could be with towels over our heads and the raised bed had its frost cloth.  Some of us were moved closer to the house for added protection.
We all survived just fine and hope that the last Flagstaff cold snap is behind us.

Sincerely,  The 'Maters"

Poor Maters.  It's a good thing they have such a Great Mater Mama.  Otherwise, they'd in for a world of hurt.

Have a great Memorial Day & Many Cheers! J&S

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