Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yellowstone Smackdown

This storm really put a smackdown on Yellowstone National Park.  Last night we posted up the photo below of a snow bear outside Old Faithful Inn.  This morning we woke up to learn the busy East Entrance road is closed from Cody, Wyoming into the park.  Not only that but the Old Faithful to West Thumb road is closed as well.  It takes a lot of snow to close those two main roads.  Chances are the roads will be cleared and back in action later today but you can bet those closures are wrecking havoc with a lot of visitors' travel schedules.  What a stroke of luck to have been there last weekend instead of this weekend. Narrative below the dashed line was written last night
The Ywllowstone National Park has a Twitter accounts, believe it or not.  Once in awhile they actually USE their Twitter.  Tonight they send this great photo of someone who made a Snow Bear not far from Old Faithful.  As chance would have it, this snow bear would be roughly 30 feet from the east-facing window of the room we had last weekend.  In other words, this is what we would have seen fro our room this weekend instead of the glorious views we saw only a week ago.  My, my, what a difference a few days does make!

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