Saturday, April 28, 2012

Positively Provo

Greetings from 4000 West Center Street in Provo, Utah.  We arrived here at 1:30 pm, five hours almost to the minute after leaving Sunset Campground in Bryce Canyon NP. It was a very casual, slow-paced trip here today, very enjoyable.  Even the 40 miles of I-15 we drove were downright "bearable," construction zones and all included.

Susun's pet plants survived two hard freezes at Bryce.
The ivy and the coleus are enjoying Provo sunshine!
We are at the Lakeside RV Park.  We camped here 10 days in May 2006.  The RV park mgmt. still has our name on file almost six years later.  For a mere $33 we have full hookups and free WIFI right in our poptop camper, plus really deluxe showers and a laundry, too.  We love this little place.  We tried to camp here last year on the way north but arrived after they closed so had to stay in the nearby Utah Lake State Park.  This RV park is definitely our first choice over the state park.

The drive up the Sevier River is so awesome.  The cottonwoods are just leafing out and the morning light was superb.  We received a call from DF & LBR Terry M. regarding Big News concerning the Parks & Recreation scene and the overall Idaho Falls local political scene.  VERY interesting stuff we will recount here when it is kosher to do so.  THANKS, Terry.

We also received a call from Gary.  He hiked 24.5 miles round trip yesterday to go to and from the Center of The State.  Amazing but true.  He left home at 5 am and got back at 11:30 pm.  He lost 3350 feet going down into the canyon and then had to climb back out those grueling 3350 feet on the way back.  He found the register box we left at the Center and inscribed a comment.  He is the first person to reach the Center on foot (and not via a river trip).

Well, what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Lots of time remains in the day to poke around Provo.

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp
Susun now gets to check here Facebook INSIDE the poptop without having to go anywhere!

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