Friday, April 27, 2012

The (Near) Perfect Cribbage Hand

Susun and I have quite the cribbage history.  We carry cribbage boards in every vehicles, back pack and piece of luggage we own.  We started playing cribbage again on this road trip.  Last night I came as close to perfect as possible in cribbage.  Everyone says that 29 points is the most you can get out of a cribbage hand.  Well, I got 28 points out of a hand so that's only one point from being at the top of the cribbage food chain.  Since I gained five points in the play of the hand, I actually pegged 33 points for that hand.  Naturally, I kicked Susun's anatomy and so far have won all but one game we've played on this road trip.  Cribbage works in cycle's like that.  Susun once won 100 straight cribbage games before I could gain a victory.

Well, here are photos of the cards I received in the original hand as well as the crib.  The Ace was the crib card.  I am not sure if we counted this hand correctly, so please let me know.  I discarded the pair of three's from the six cards that were received in the deal.

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Maggie said...

Looks like 28 to me. You even have cool playing cards. Very Susun-esque.