Saturday, April 28, 2012


So, how's THIS for a WINCO view?  This has to be THE BEST view of a WINCO in their entire chain.  Plus, when you walk out the door, you see Utah Lake spread out in front of you. It's actually one of the best views we have seen of Utah Lake.  This store is located in Orem, Utah, which is basically the Sister City to Provo.  They are literally joined at the hip.

Well, so after we left the campground we decided to scout out our return to I-15.  You just can't drive back on Center Street and jump on the freeway.  Nope, the exit/on-ramp is under construction.  Highways here have been under construction since Brigham Young came over the hill and declared "This Is The Place."  Highways here will be under construction for the rest of All Eternity.  It's The Utah Way.  There has never been a year when I-15 has NOT been under construction.  The mere concept is unthinkable.

Anyway, we digress.  So, we decided to scout the complex multi-mile detour to get back on I-15 northbound and then we got on the freeway and exited at the first exit which was 800 North in Orem and, VOILA, there was this WINCO sitting right there in plain sight.  We were so overjoyed.  If you don't know WINCO, you just don't know how much fun you can have on the cheap in that place.

Speaking of on the cheap, after we left WINCO we decided to drive down State Street which is Old 89.  Lo and behold in Provo we discovered the biggest and best Deseret Industries on Earth.  It's HUGE.  It's like going into a Wal-Mart or a Costco.  I found a real leather Boy Scout Belt and Susun found a new matching ensemble she's been looking for a long time.  You never know you've been looking for something a long time until you find it in a thrift store.

It was great.  Well, we are back in camp, so to speak, and enjoying Happy Hour and waiting for our chili supper to simmer together all those fine flavors we picked up in the WINCO bulk section.  They even sell Cajun and Jamacian spices at the WINCO here in Orem.  We're going to have to have a talk with the Idaho Falls WINCO people.

Well, Susun got a great road trip photo of us approaching Mount Nebo this morning, Here it is.

Many Cheers, jp

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