Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Rising Son

Angel Lynn is a Very Happy Camper.  After some haggling and cajoling, I was able to get Night Owl (Late Sleeper) Lynn up and at 'em at 8:30 am yesterday.  That's unheard for Lynn.  We told him he had to be The Rising Son in order to receive The Rising Sun. Anyway, we headed out before sunrise through the frozen creek bottom woodlands for Lynn's Special Sycamore Tree.  The Wea Creek was running fairly high from a recent rain on the snowpack (such as a snowpack gets here).  The creek was actually making enjoyable whitewater type noises as its waters ran over various rocks carried here by the glaciers.  After some chit-chat, we settled down to the business at hand.  I made a long speech and talked about honoring Forefathers and fallen warriors and so forth.  Lynn gave a speech of gratitude that moved him to free flowing tears.  It was all very special and emotional.  Afterward, we posed Lynn with the Japanese Battle Flag on his Special Sycamore. 

Here's a factoid I'll bet none of you know.  All of the Subaru vehicles you see running hither and yon were made in Lafayette, Indiana.  Yep, this true.  Well, that means there are a lot of Japanese executives who work and live here in Tippecanoe County.  Lynn knows a guy who is well connected out at the Subaru plant so he expects to get the flag's inscriptions translated very soon.  We are both excited about finally finding out what is being said on that flag.  Lynn will also send a photo of the flag when he puts it on display as part of his military memorial to his Father and other ancestors.  The saga and story of the flag continues.

In other news, we finally finished cleaning the house yesterday.  Oh, there's a few odds and ends remaining but 99.99 percent of it is done.  The house cleaning couldn't have possibly happened had I not learned of Rachael D. via the Craigs List "Household Services" section. (Photo below)  She has been a tremendous "Team Member" and everyone has enjoyed working with her.  She is completely focused on the task-at-hand and does a steady, detailed and thorough job on every aspect of each chore she tackles.  She always shows up precisely on time and works continuously for her scheduled hours.  I told her I hoped I could give her a very enthusiastic and positive reference on her Facebook and so forth.  There's no way we could have completed this phase of the Estate with Rachael.  There is no way we could have a better person than Rachael for what we faced. THANK YOU, Rachael, we are very proud of you and wish you the Very Best of Success!!!!

We are definitely on track to leave on Saturday.  No doubt about it.  We have a Realtor lined up to list the house.  There is even a remote possibility it might sell "by owner" in the next 24 hours.  It is currently FSBO for $85,000 and the price will rise to $90,000 if and when it is listed.  Some people came by late yesterday afternoon who claim to be financially pre-qualified and who claim they are buying the house.  We shall see, as they say.  They are coming back at 8:30 am this morning so we must run along now.  If they actually DO buy the house, that will mean I will have had the FSBO sign in the front yard for LESS than 24 hours.  That would be a pretty amazing finish to a pretty amazing six week saga here.  Miracles DO happen, so you just never know.  Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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