Thursday, January 5, 2012

I finally saw the light

Well, it's been a long time coming but we finally saw the legendary light at the end of the tunnel last night--both figuratively and literally.  At the end of the work day as we finished loading out 9th dump truck full of trash, Angels Lynn and Doug and I stood together practically panting from the raw exertion of the heavy lifting up out of the basement and from the general chaos of the past oh-so-many-daze.  I cried tears of thankfulness for the miracles of their friendship and hospitality.  I truly felt I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was overwhelmed with emotion.  The house is essentially now emptied of trash--There one big carpet in the basement that has to go and a few odds and ends but we did it.  We have cleaned out her house.  We shook hands and hugged and tears rolled down my face and we each then went our own separate ways.

As I pulled into a nearby Wal-Mart parking lot, the sun was setting behind me.  I pulled the truck around and--LO!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  There is was--the real, honest Light At The End Of The Tunnel.  Of course, I started crying again and could barely focus the camera on the sunset, I was so overwhelmed with emotion.  It only continued to get better and became--honestly and easily--the finest sunset I can ever remember seeing in my entire life associated with Indiana.  I definitely have NEVER witnessed a sunset there as spectacular as the one last night.  When I came back out of Wal-Mart, the after light filled the entire sky in a manner similar to an aurora borealis.  It was an Act of God Sunset--the kind we humans rarely witness anywhere, let alone in the gray, dark, dim winter recesses of Indiana or let alone on the heels of seeing the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel earlier in the afternoon.  My heart was filled with emotion as I drove home offering prayers of thanks that I can finally see my way through this process and can visualize an End Game evolving soon.  Thank God!

Have a Great Day & Many Cheers, jp


siegfried said...

ngstiMust be something in the air as we have had some of the same kind of sunsets this past week, including last night(Wed.) Ash from a volcano someplace? West winds blowing debris from the Pacific?
Happy for you that you're nearingthe end of your task - I know its been a tough haul. Great how "angels", friends of your mother and relatives have appeared to help - a great and perhaps universal joy.
Best to you and yours.

Dave E.

The Goatherder said...

I knew you'd reach this milestone and am happy to hear it happened so soon. You'll be home soon and all will be well.
You look a bit spare in that picture there. If I was you I'd get me a double meat double cheese burger or two.