Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Habitat for Holy Family

 There are some things coming out of Mom's house that I simply can't let go to the winds of change.  This is one of them.  It is an original oil painting of The Holy Family with an Angel overhead.  I bought it from an Estate sale long ago and it hung over my bed both in Mom's house and later when I lived down in Zionsville, Indiana.  It has served as a source of spiritual inspiration for me all my life.  In fact, I have always tried to live by the latin motto on the banner carried by that Angel.  In latin it says, "Ora et Labora."  I have translated that in my life to mean "Speak and Work," or "Talk and Toil."  Whatever.  Anyway, I dearly love this painting and simply couldn't bear the thought of it going to a stranger or simply disappearing into the Great Unknown.  Well, Angel Ginny worked for two days at Mom's Place and fell in love with the painting.  The painting exudes a special spirit that one can only experience when they are alone with it.  It's alive.  Anyway, once she had been captured and raptured by the painting, I suggested that it take a place of Honor behind the counter at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Ginny immediately said an enthusiastic "OK!"  After all, Habitat is a faith-based organization.  And, after all, this shows Joseph with his carpenter's saw and, after all, Jesus WAS the son of a carpenter, ya know?  And, after all, isn't life all about Angels and Miracles and speaking and working?  Well, Lynn and I took the painting out to Ginny's Place yesterday and she hung it immediately where everyone can see it and will Honor it.  If things change, the painting goes home to Ginny's house.  Now I can rest easy knowing that The Holy Family won't be a trio of vagabonds shuffling from house to house.  They will serve to inspire many more people in the years and lifetimes to come. 

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