Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Day!

I was finally once again able to go shooting today.  This time, I had to drive 60 miles to the Atlanta Conservation Club,  There were 58 shooters,  It was a real hoot.  The Match Director loaned me a Glock 19.  I ordered in a left hand holster, bought factory ammo at Wally World and had a TREMENDOUS DAY!  The match lasted four hours.  Everyone was so nice to me.  I did real well.  I did not embarrass myself or our LBRs.  I suspect I finished within a "standard deviation" of the middle of the pack.

In the photo where I am standing, here was the scenario.  You are walking your Dog, Fluffy, when you are attacked by three vicious coyotes who want to eat Fluffy for an appetizer. To protect your dog, you must shoot the three coyotes.  However, the plot thickens.  You are not only holding Fluffy's leash, you are carrying a bag of Fluffy's doo-doo in what's called your "strong hand."  So, when the buzzer sounds, you must throw down the bag of doo-doo, transfer the leash to your weak hand, draw and fire on the three coyotes. It was quite a challenging Course of Fire.  (That's what they call a "stage" in IDPA--a Course of Fire or COF in IDPA lingo.)

Anyway, I hit everything I was supposed to in those COF's and I finished feeling really good about the Match and the Day.  Life is GOOD!

Many Cheers, jp

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