Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alive and well

Howdy from Indiana once again.  It's hard for me to believe my last blog post was days ago.  I took a self portrait tonight to send to Sweetie Susun.  It looks good enough to post up here on the blog.  It shows I am at least of Good Spirits here.  Yes, we are locked into a Ground Hog Day movie scenario but at least I am of Good Spirits.  That's the important thing.  Of course, I have my down days and my "moments," but I am mostly looking the way you see me here.  That's the important thing.  I try to find the positive in everything and I try to make the best of whatever curve balls come my way each day.  Life really isn't about the lemons you get, it's all about how you make lemonade out of them.  Aye, that's the key, wouldn't you agree?  Below the photo is a great poem Susun sent last night.  It's such a touching poem, I just had to post it here.  Thank You, Sweetie Susun, I Love You!
Keep on Wackin' thru
The Wilderness of Whaky and
By  Cracky the Wild Flowers will bloom!

This could be a new tune

where we  all gather

and Celebrate the Moon.

and watch our Moon Shadows

as we hold hands

and celebrate our halos

of Angles here and there.

We are One.

Bring on the hours of showers

they bring the flowers

and our awesome powers.

Work hard, care much, live simple.

listen to the flowers

they know

We are One.

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