Saturday, December 10, 2011

What happened?

So, the full moon comes up at last night's campfire and it was the Toast of Happy Hour.  The moon rose almost precisely at Due East and it was spectacular in the deep evening blue sky.  So, after dinner, we went to bed as us humans are wont to do.  By and by, Little Yonni gets up in the dark a little after 6 am and goes outside to fetch a milk bottle from the ice box.  As he steps outside and looks at the moon low on the western horizon, he goes, "HUH?  What happened?  Half the moon's gone?"  Of course, Little Yonni had forgotten about the eclipse.  Until his feeble brain could actually remember about the eclipse, he stood there in the night trying to figure out how half the moon could just up and disappear.  After he remembered, he heard echoes of Jeff Foxworthy's "There's Your Sign" ringing in his dim brain.  DUH!

One of Susun's Big Goals this winter is to learn how to make the same awesome Focaccia Bread that Robin does.  Robin has been giving lessons to Susun.  Naturally, Robin put together one of her famous Focaccia breads last night.  Talk about scrumptious!  Oh, man, that bread is off the charts good.  THANKS, Robin.  We had some last night during a break from the campfire and then again this morning with a great mushroom and cheddar omelet.  If Susun can get this one figured out, she is going to be VERY popular every time she decides to bake some.

Robin's other half, Gary, and I went out shooting for three hours yesterday.  You can read all about it on the shooting blog.  It was a lot of fun.

Today's going to be VERY busy.  Here's how it shakes out.  Susun heads off to Clarkdale early this morning.  She views the art exhibition in Clark Memorial Hall, then watches the bank robbery at 11 am and then goes on the Clarkdale Home Tour.  Meanwhile, Yonni heads to Sedona to attend Bill Cowan's book signing at 11 am.  Afterwards, he buys a 50-pound bag of fire clay (think earth oven) and then Susun and Yonni meet at 1 pm for Jim Bishop's event marking the publication of his latest book, The Pink Nectar Cafe.  Yonni then heads to Clarkdale to see the 3 pm bank robbery while Susun messes around in Sedona and then heads home.  Meanwhile, Yonni does some shopping and arrives home in time to wave goodbye to Susun who then heads over to Bonnie's Place to have a Girl's Night with Rosa and Bonnie B.  Yonni lights a campfire and he and Gary regale each other with tall tales for the remainder of the evening.  If it sounds is.

Well, time to run along.  Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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The Goatherder said...

A great eclipse, the moon heading down to set over Mingus. The goats and sheep all paused mid-cud as if to say "WTH are the humans doing out in the cold at this hour?" when Mrs. GH and I went out at 5 to start watching. Wanted to take pics but was too sleepy to remember where the tripod was hiding. Oh well.