Friday, December 9, 2011

Chamber of Commerce weather

The past few days have been the type of times that bring huge smiles and lots of back slapping to the Chamber of Commerce People.  Blue Bird Skies, temps in the high 50's here, no wind.  It's Happy Face Weather.  Our campfires have been really nice for early December.  The lack of wind is always welcome whenever if fails to blow.

We've been doing our usual hither and yon thing.  One day morphs into the next day and Life is Good.
Yesterday, Susun helped her Dear Friend, Betty, too a Doctor's appointment.  Susun spent most of the day with Betty, returning after 4 pm.

Early in the morning, I went to Chip Norton's to work with him on The Verde River Guide Project.  He passed off a lot of the work for the guide back into my lap.  Nothing is every very simple and now this project is once again going to be very time consuming.  Guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Afterwards, Ace Reporter Steve Ayers came by for a 2+ hour visit.  He's going to write a story about me in next Wednesday's newspaper detailing my career with The Verde River.  We had a lot of fun.  He's such a great guy.  Anyway, he did an award-winning series of three-article on the Center of The State, a real scintillating topic, for sure.  One thing led to another and now he and I (and hopefully Wayne Ranney) will begin the planning for The Journey to The Center of The State sometime next spring.  It's a long story best told in a separate blog post.

Well, a couple of days ago DR & LBR Terry M. had a dream.  His was no ordinary dream.  Also, mind you, Terry is a very distinguished writer.  So, what does he do?  He gets up and writes down his entire dream and emails the dream to me.  Pretty cool, huh?  It's such a cool dream, we called him this morning and asked permission to reprint it here.  He agreed as long as I put in the disclaimer that he IS of Sound Mind and was not in a chemically-altered state.  Done.  OK, here is Terry's Dream:

Good morning--(I had a)....heck of a wild dream that woke me up at 5 this morning.  I thought you might get a laugh out of my dream so here it is. Of course it was in greater detail but basically:


You and I are in small town that sits on a hill overlooking a river down below. (this was probably Dunsmuir California).   We've driven there apparently to look at the river (the Sacramento) and are now wondering where to go next. I suggest Canada.

We take off, driving on the paved street and I say turn left. You do and the pavement runs out and we are now on a dirt road roundabout which is muddy and we're driving through mud puddles. We go around the island and down the hill toward the river, and through a gate which has an electrically operated entrance and exit following another vehicle. 

The vehicle drives into the river and we try to follow it but the rip rap on the riverbank has a big piece of rebar sticking out and we can't go any further.  We turn around to go back but the exit gate won't open and we can't get out.

We park the Suzuki in front of a building and now my car is there and i am out of tobacco.  I get out to get some more from the trunk and find that you and another man are having a high old time shoveling tobacco into the trunk of my car.  I'm boiling mad, you and the  guy just keep shoveling and laughing about it.  I'm frustrated, and put my pipe down on a nearby table and we enter the building. 

We go through room after large room with people in each room and discover its the USFS headquarters. You take the lead because you tell me you use to work for the USFS and can get them to open the gate for us to get out.

We wait in line while you try to see the head forest ranger.  I'm in the waiting room with three girls who are getting ready to take a forest service test. I tell them the question is:  "what is the most common color of trees", and the answer is "green"  Suddenly I'm a Jr Forest Ranger. The head forest ranger throw you out of his office saying the gate will be open in the spring and we'll just have to wait.

We return to the Suzuki and find out my pipe is gone..there are several other pipes on the table...none of which are mine.  Finally a guy comes up and says I had a cheap pipe, he cleaned it and hands it to me. It's now made out of nut shells. I'm frustrated and tell him I can buy 5 of those types of pipes for the cost of one Kaywoodie.  You're glad- handing around treating the whole thing as a big joke.

 Finally I've had enough, order you into the Suzuki and we drive up to the exit gate.  It still won't open but to the left  (and on our side of the gate) I can see a school yard where there was once a wall separating it from the road. There are Asian kids on the playground. The wall has fallen down, so I tell you to drive over the remains and onto the school playground where we find your pet elephant.  We try to get him into the Suzuki but he won't come with us.

Both of us chase him trying to lasso him..I give up.. you chased the elephant  down a road out of sight and I head back to the Suzuki and where I find Susun and another woman who I apparently am with.  The elephant comes back running and jumping like a young colt  you driving it. 

 I turn around to watch both of you come towards me and see a bunch of hippos with just their heads above the water, and each has one eye and I bemoan the fact we don't have a camera because its a great shot.  Susun just shakes her head in a "I give up its only John" type of gesture.


At this point I woke up, gave up trying to get back to sleep and decided to write it all down and send it to you before I forgot it.  Geeze what a night!!! 

have a great (sane) day

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