Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The way we were

Photo by Susun McCulla
It's been a great day and now time to fade away into the night.  I'm so grateful for so many incredibly kind comments today.  How to begin?  Who to thank?  So many nice things have been said to me today.  I am incredibly humbled for all your kind words and thoughts.  Each of you is the Light of My Life.  The Bright Spirit you bring to our Daily Ring Around The Sun makes Our World So Special.  I will never forget your word and wishes today.  It has brought back to life all those hard fought days of yesteryear when we stood shoulder-to-shoulder together for a Common Cause, knowing we could-would-should-maybe oughta-win one of these days in some Light Year so far distant from our frame of perspective at that time.  I wish to THANK each of you from the very bottom of my Heart & Soul for All YOU did to "Save The Verde."  Without YOU, it simply could not have been possible.   We were The Army of One that became an irresistible force that turned the tide to a bright future we can all enjoy forever.

And, finally, I wish to Thank My Soul Mate Susun for all she has done and continues to do without any praise or kudos.  Without her, none of this would have happened.  She is the one who made it all happen.  Bless You, Sweetie, Your Heart is Golden and I Love You ALWAYS and ALL WAYS!

Many Cheers, jp


Maggie said...

Amen to that. Susun is a bright star in the lives of those lucky enough to know her. There is a song that comes to mind, "everyday's a holiday with Susun, Susun makes your heart feel light. O, it's a jolly holiday with Susun. No wonder that it's Susun that we love.".

Wayne Ranney said...

Yeah Susun!!!