Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When The River Spoke

Well, the blog post title is the headline over the story they did about me in today's Camp Verde Bugle and Verde Independent newspapers.  We actually made the front page.  I was scared to read the article so I had Susun, Goatherder and Wes G. read it first and give me the "OK" before I could look at it.  It turned out real well and we sent a nice note of "thanks" to Ace Reporter Steve Ayers.  The biggest thing I regret about providing the information and photos was forgetting to make sure Susun got photo credit for her fine pictures. Darn.  Steve left out a lot of stuff and that's probably a good thing.  He kept a pretty tight focus and the story flows and reads well.  We are very proud that Joshua's picture is in the article three times as well.  We sure wish we could see his face when he sees himself almost on the cover of Rolling Stone. (The online version only has two photos of Josh & me.)
Here is the link to the article:


Marti Spudboater said...

Johnny: What an awesome article. Funny how we had some parallel river paths working to protect our waterways in our respective states. Thanks so much for your work on the Verde and for sharing it with me last spring.

Wayne Ranney said...

John - You deserve this and much more. I had completely forgotten much of this and it was so much fun to relive it once again. You are AWESOME!!!

Maggie said...

So proud to say I knew you then. And now. Awesome article and well deserved.