Monday, December 26, 2011

Great Gifts Galore

Thanks to those who have (so far) responded to our First Annual Christmas Show & Tell.  Although we haven't had many responses (yet), we are very pleased with what we have received since yesterday.
Above is easily the winner in the Visual Category.  The artwork is entitled "Hershey Heavens Savannah Star" and was crated by artist Connie.  It was a gift to DF & LBR Nemac from Jean T.  Thanks, Nemac, that's a real beauty!

Mike V. was the first to reply to the First Annual S&T.  Here's his note with a photo of his gift at left.

"For Christmas I also received both love and family and agree those are the best gifts of all. As far as tangible gifts go, I received a leather holster for my 4" GP100.  For any red blooded Idahoan, the gift of a holster would be exciting enough, but this one truly floored me.  I was like a kid on Christmas when I opened it.  I couldn't even speak a coherent sentence when I tried to thank Camille.  You see, for the 21 years we have been married, when asked "what do you want for Christmas?", I more often than not showed her exactly what I wanted....down to the page and item number.  Not ONCE in 21 years had she ever ordered what I asked for, at least until this year!   On top of it all, it fits like a glove! That's my show and tell.  Merry Christmas, talk to you soon."
Thanks for sharing, Mike, that's one awesome holster.  Please pass along congratulations to Camille for selecting something that will be a joy to use forever.  Way to go!
It's safe to say anyone who showed up at Goatherder's house yesterday received a gi-normous gift in the form of his World Famous Christmas Dinner.  GH truly slaves away over this annual feast.  You wouldn't even believe the effort he puts into it.  Just reading the menu for the day let's you know what type of genuine gift it was.  Here's the menu:

Dry Aged Roast Prime rib with crimini mushroom demi-glace
roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and walnuts
roasted sweet potato puree with maple syrup and sweet onion compote
Herb salad with pears, Meyer lemon vinaigrette and shaved parmigiano reggiano
Assorted Orion Bread Co. dinner rolls
Bourbon pecan pie, whipped cream
GH & Son gave their Mom Katie, a new iPad.  Here's how GH described it:
"Kate is playing with her new iPad. She has finally come in from the dark side and entered the S. Jobs reality distortion field. Happy Christmas, we miss you!"  (Editor's Note: The "dark side" refers to a Windows system running on a PC.)
 Spudboater got right into the spirit of Show & Tell.  Here's her comment (also posted on the blog):

"Merry Christmas John. For me the best gift received yesterday was spending time with my daughter--we made my mom's fudge recipe, watched old VCR movies on a VCR I picked up for $7 at the Idaho Youth Ranch and laughed at Freaky Friday because the mother and daughter fight about the same stuff we do (played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan before she got off on the wrong foot). We cooked dinner together and watched her favorite Christmas movie-The Grinch; and we opened presents with a roaring fire in the fireplace next to us. Just hanging out with my kid was the best gift"  THANKS, SB--Norman Rockwell was smiling on you, even if he doesn't know who Lindsay Lohan is.
And, finally, Maggie joined in the fun, too.  Here's her touching tale:

"The best moment of my Christmas was reading a special edition of The Night Before Christmas to my two year old grandson. It is a "pop up" book of intricately cut three dimensional paper scenes on each page. Each page presents a new wonder for a two year old. You may see Santa going up the chimney or eight reindeer pop out right in front of your nose or a three dimensional village magically appear as the page is turned.  The wonder in his eyes put smiles on the faces of those listening and reminded us all of what the magic of Christmas is really about. I look forward to bringing the book out again next Christmas eve."  That's sure beautiful, Maggie.  Your account easily wins the Currier & Ives 2011 Award.

THANKS Nemac, Mike, Goatherder, Spudboater and Maggie for bring this contest to life.  YA DUN GOOD!

Now, as far as the remainder of you LBRs  (and you all know who you are) please don't be so bashful.  Please come to the head of the class and show the teacher and your classmates whacha got for Christmas.  

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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