Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas S & T continued

 It looks like our Christmas Show & Tell is coming to an end.  Siegfried made a fun comment on the blog yesterday that's worth repeating in a blog post of its own in case you might miss it.  It is below in italics. Thanks, Dave!  The photo above speaks for itself.  Gage (left) and Van enjoy their annual dose of Santa Claus.  Their happy glee during the holidays is a gift to all who know and love them.  We've been real busy lately but will defer discussion of such business until a later blog post.  Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

My best to you on this somewhat sad Xmas for you. My day started in church. Because it was Xmas Day we were to come dressed as we would be that morning around the Tree. So I came in my PJs, robe and slippers, as did a few other brave souls. Got a few remarks on my outfit, but mostly folks went along as usual in a Presbyterian Church on a Sunday morning! In the afternoon we had everyone for dinner and presents - 4 children, 2 spouses, 3 grandchildren, W/ 2 more spouses and a couple of great-grand kids. We had a feast of crab, home-made rolls, salad and cookies - also home-made on "cookie day" the previous week. Then the youngest person gets to pass out the presents which we all admire as each is opened. All ths time wine and beer are flowing freely. So, a good time was had by all. I got a North Face jacket - wind proof and water resistant - something I've always wanted. I gave my wife 2 pairs of amber earrings - replacing earrings taken when our house was broken into last summer. She also got an iPad from our Zoo Director son. So, we're also out of the "Dark Ages." Thus, a typical Xmas for our family, such as we've had or years and which we always look forward to. My thoughts are with you as you go through the sad business of closing out your mother's estate. Will look forward to the time when campfires will once again grace your blog.

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