Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Camp Fire

Whoa! How do you like this?  Susun sent me a Camp Fire via her cell phone!  Now if that isn't High Tech, Buckaroos, I don't know what is.  Let's all give Sweetie Susun a big round of virtual applause.  Ya Dun Good, Honey!  THANK YOU, I really needed that tonight.

Well, we woke up here Indiana about 4 am Arizona Time and there was a message from Susun in the inbox.  Seems Susun is blossoming into a poet as the Year 2011 comes to a close.  The poem is a fitting addition to the little campfire note above.  Here 'tis:

We knew You needed a big dose of Campfire Light And Energy tonight.

The Love of Angels are in sight,

Like those of yesterday, tomorrow and tonight,

They bring YOU all You need

With God's speed.

You will return Home,  Here

Where You are so ...

Loved and Dear.

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