Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well, here it is Christmas.  Who'd a thunk it would come along this fast.  Gee, one more week and we'll be a year older, if not wiser, as a world entering 2012.  We can all count many gifts in our lives.  As I reflect this morning on the Gifts of Christmas, I count LOVE as the Top #1 gift of all time.  It is the Love from our Family, our Spouses, our Friends and all those whose love shines around us that is the All-Time Best Christmas Gift.  And it is LOVE that continues to shine through each and every day of the year that makes living this life so special.  Thank You All for the Gifts of Love that you have sent my way during recent days.  Believe me, I can feel it and it sure makes a huge difference for my spirit and every step of the way during these difficult days.  We have a Dear Friend, Heather, whose telephone greeting has remainded the same throughout the years.  She ways ends her voice mail recording with these words, "Remember, LOVE Is It."  Yea, verily, Heather!

The Indianapolis Art Museum made a big splash back in the disco daze of the 1970's when they commissioned the sculpture you see at the top of this blog post.  I'm sure you've all laid eyes on this iconic iron word many a time.  Back when it was fresh and new, it was a genuine wonder in this neck of the woods--most more intriguing than a tire ball, for example.  I went down to visit the sculpture many a time in the late 1970's, standing smitten with its profound meaning.  Sometimes the presentation of a common word in an uncommon form brings new meaning to the resonance of a word in our spirit and our heart.  Anyway, I thought putting up the photo would be my gift to all the LBRs who dare to tread on Da Blog today.  THANK YOU for your love.  You are much appreciated and loved.

And now let's move on to a Brand New Once-A-Year Game, shall we?  It's called "Christmas Show & Tell."  Remember when we were little tykes and went to kindergarten or the early grades, bringing along something for "show and tell?" Oh, how fun it is was to stand up and mumble a few basic words about whatever gee-gaw you brought to class.  Well, how 'bout we resurrect that fond activity here on the blog once each year--on Christmas Day.

Please post a comment about what you received as a Christmas gift(s).  It can be tangible--as in something wrapped up in a box--or intangible, such as the Love we discussed above.  If you are really "all in" on this game, email a photo and I will post it either at the bottom of this post or in a new one, if enough photos come rolling in.  Even though I am sitting alone in a small room in a small house in a small nook in Smallville, my mind's eye is imagining all you LBRs out there having a real hoot tearing off gift wrapping and smiling and saying "oh" and "ah" over all of your great gifts.  I am sure we would all like to hear about them and hopefully see them, too.  Please don't be bashful or hide your candle under a bushel basket.  Come on now kiddies, bring us your Show & Tell!

Have a wonderful and delightful day in every way.  Merry Christmas and Many Happy Holiday Cheers, jp


Marti Spudboater said...

Merry Christmas John. For me the best gift received yesterday was spending time with my daughter--we made my mom's fudge recipe, watched old VCR movies on a VCR I picked up for $7 at the Idaho Youth Ranch and laughed at Freaky Friday because the mother and daughter fight about the same stuff we do (played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan before she got off on the wrong foot). We cooked dinner together and watched her favorite Christmas movie-The Grinch; and we opened presents with a roaring fire in the fireplace next to us. Just hanging out with my kid was the best gift.

siegfried said...

My best to you on this somewhat sad Xmas for you.
My day started in church. Because it was Xmas Day we were to come dressed as we would be that morning around the Tree. So I came in my PJs, robe and slippers, as did a few other brave souls. Got a few remarks on my outfit, but mostly folks went along as usual in a Presbyterian Church on a Sunday morning!
In the afternoon we had everyone for dinner and presents - 4 children, 2 spouses, 3 grandchildren, W/ 2 more spouses and a couple of great-grand kids. We had a feast of crab, home-made rolls, salad and cookies - also home-made on "cookie day" The previous week.
Then the youngest person gets to pass out the presents which we all admire as each is opened. All ths time wine and beer are flowing freely. So, a ood time was had by all.
I got a North Face jacket - wind proof and water resistant - something I've always wanted. I gave my wife 2 pairs of amber earings - replacing earings taken when ou house was broken into last summer. She also got an i-pad from our Zoo Director son. So, we're also out of the "Dark Ages"
Thus, a typical Xmas for our family, such as we've had or years and which we always look forward to.
My thoughts are with you as you go through the sad business of closing out your mother's estate. Will look forward to the time when campfires will once again grace your blog.

Dave E.

stasea said...

Oh, well I guess I'm a little late on this. I received a very unique gift this year from my friend and housemate, Thomas. A swing!!! a good ol' fashion wood seat/rope swing!! What a hoot!! I have 2 big lychee tress in my backyard with a branch just crying out for a swing!! I went to the beach before work. (it's the ONLY way I justify being so far from everyone on such a family orientated day) I think I have done that every Christams for the last 20 years!! Work was fun and everyone was happy to be in Hawaii on vacation.

stasea said...

oH and My Dad made his Mom's (my Noni) peppernut cookies!! I think they are a German or Italian specialty. He did a pretty darn good job. Dad always has funny wrapping...they came in a yogurt container which also held a delicate chinese figure..a cool lookin dude, I'll send ya pic of that to your email (and the swing when it's up.)