Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's Your Holiday Going to be?

We are very curious today.  What are YOU doing for the Thanksgiving Holiday?  Are you hosting the Big Feed at your place?  Are you going to a friend's home?  Visiting Family nearby?  Visiting Family far away?  How are you traveling?  Driving?  Flying? Walking?  Or...?  Do you plan to be involved in the typical large, traditional meal?  Or do you have a counter-culture repast planned?  Bologna & american cheese, perhaps?  Spam from a can?  How many different types of potatoes do you plan to eat?  Will the obligatory green bean casserole make an appearance on your table?  Do you use real cranberries of the ones that comes in a can?  What's your pie de jour?  When you you plan to begin the annual ritual of excessive consumption?  And, finally, you think dining tables will actually really be "groaning" under the weight of all that food, or did Grand Ma just make up that story?  I've never heard a table groan, have you?

Susun's going to Sarah's Mother-in-Law's place for a California-style meal.  I suspect that means the turkey will be served on a surfboard and perhaps be draped with a Hawaiian shirt.  Me?  We're heading out for a Norman Rockwell event at Babe Daley's Place.  Babe is Jodi's Mom.  Babe is the same age as my Mom.  All of Babe's kids will be there and some of the grand kids and maybe even a great grand kid or two.  Babe goes all out for the Totally Traditional Trimmings.  We suspect the turkey will be served much as Norman Rockwell himself would depict it on the cover of Saturday Evening Post.  The groaning table will be ringed with smiling faces and happy people ready to chow down.  We'll almost betcha that Babe will say "dig in" or something similar to that.  We dearly love Babe and her Family.  If I had some Glenn Miller on tape, I'd take it with me today. It will be one of those kinda days.

Yesterday was another high speed day--Rush-rush to get outta here and buy coffee and donuts and get to the informal shooting range before 9 am.  Two hours of shooting flew by faster than our own speeding bullets.  Then back to the house to safely stash firearms and off to Cottonwood for another load of concrete blocks.  Then back here in time to test out some reloads in a new pistol only to return with barely enough time to get the fire running by sundown.  Heck, I haven't even had time to reply to emails lately.  One thing's for sure, such a schedule makes time pass very quickly.  Today, we have to get the household spic & span & tidy for Susun's return.  There won't be much free time tomorrow and then we're off to Mesa on Friday.  We shoot again at IDPA Saturday morning, and then pick up Miss Susun at the airport that afternoon.  We may zoom back here or simply stay at Roger's so we can return on the Beeline backroad on a leisurely Sunday morning drive.  Decisions, decisions.

As of tomorrow, we will have been here 3 weeks but it seems like only yesterday that we arrived.  Hopefully, this winter won't go as fast as the last one did.  Does anyone have a device that slows down time?  (Other than waiting in line at DMV, of course.)

They say this is the busiest travel day of the year.  We tend to think "they" actually have it right on that pronouncement. We hope you will enjoy safe travels even if you are simply going to the local grocery store.  The day before Thanksgiving can be a wild and crazy day so keep an eye on all those food-crazed shoppers and last minute travelers--most of them only have one thing on their mind--visions of a table groaning under the weight of all that food.

Have a GREAT DAY & Many Cheers, jp


Wayne Ranney said...

John: You caused me to lose two hours this morning. And I should have been packing! Thanks - spread the word. I answered your questions.

Marti Spudboater said...

Hey, John: Megan will be having turkey day with her dad, stepmom and that sides grandparents. I'll be schlepping a turkey breast of 3.5 lbs or so into the oven, mashed red spuds from the farm, baked butternut squash with lima beans, home made corn bread dressing, of course some gravy, real cranberries as a compote/salsa with apples, and a store bought chocolate cream pie by Marie Callendars. I'm not much of a baker these days, those I'll make biscuits. It's me and two of my guy friends (one for sure, the other iffy. I plan to watch the Macy's parade on TV because I love it! And I'll watch the Green Bay Packers game, too. And it will be wine and hot tub when it gets dark, plus a dog walk. Very relaxing day. Enjoy your family feast at Jodi and Dex's and say hi from me.