Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Holiday Greetings and a Very Happy Turkey Day to One & All!  May Your Day be filled with much fun, joy, happy smiles and Season's Greetings.  It's a good thing to have an annual holiday especially set aside for the giving of thanks.  We are thankful for all our blessings, especially the blessing of having Family & Friends with which to enjoy and share are lives together.  Although much time passes between those golden moments we spend with our Friends, they are always in our hearts, prayers and thoughts.  Family & Friends together make life a genuine blessing in so many different ways.  Who was it who said, "Ah, let me count the ways...?"

Our pesky questions in yesterday's post elicited a great blog post by Wayne Ranney.  That's why we decided to feature his photo on this Happy Thanksgiving blog post.  Wayne has a lifelong habit of somehow creating the most unusual ways to spend Thanksgiving.  We spent perhaps our most memorable Thanksgiving with Wayne in 1992 at an old 19th hotel in a genuine ghost town of Mogollon, New Mexico.  We could write a book just about that experience alone.  Anyway, today is Vintage Wayne.  He even took about two hours yesterday to actually answer verbatim each and every question we asked yesterday.  It will be a truly classic day for Wayne and Helen today and pretty darn tough to top as far as "out there" Thanksgivings go.  Ironically, Wayne described today on his "All In A Day's Karma" blog.  You can click here to read it.  Many Thanks, Wayne!

Spudboater also described her upcoming Thanksgiving in a comment on the post itself.  THANKS, SB!  Dave E. called yesterday evening as we were lounging 'round the campfire.  He's going to a really big Family event at which at least 50 people are expected to attend.  It takes two really big turkeys to feed that many people.  We can only imagine how many side dished must be prepped for fifty folks.  It was great talking with Dave--our steadfast Friendship has spanned over 30 years now.

We sure hope we receive some more reports of how this Thanksgiving transpires.  Please send us some photos, if you are so inclined and we will make an online album.  It's fun to think of all the different ways people give Thanks today.  ENJOY!

Our day yesterday was another stay-at-home day.  We did drive out into the nearby desert a couple of times to test some reloaded ammunition.  We also put the earth oven base in its first draft position.  We're going to have to disassemble it and adjust for final position and level but it is pretty close to its final location.  These things have to be "just so," ya know?

As everyone knows, Thanksgiving is the official kick off for Christmas Shopping Season.  Retailers around the Nation are giving Thanks because Black Friday is only one day away.  Some have made the news by trying to encroach Thanksgiving with early bird Black Friday deals.  We once were infected with the consumer frenzy that marks Black Friday.  Our infection has tapered off somewhat this year and we see no reason to rush off in the dark to score the latest and greatest deal on whatever trivia is up for sale tomorrow.  One DF & LBR calls us The Deal Dude.  It harks somewhat to The Big Lebowski only it's different.  Lewbowski was into bowling and white russians, not necessarily in that order.  We're just normally russian around to roll a strike on another deal someplace.  Anyway, we must all go out and do our duty for American tomorrow and spend money and be right and proper consumers, eh?

Life is Good & Beautiful.  Cherish every day.  Give Thanks for all our abundant blessings and especially our fabulous freedoms.  Many Cheers, jp

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