Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forgot The Camera

Yep, Susun had a Dear Diary Day Wednesday but left home without her camera so there's no photos to show this morning.  She spent four hours with Betty and enjoyed a great lunch at the new Sedona Airport Cafe.  Later they were to visit Bob M. in Betty's former home.  Betty has been living at Sedona Winds since August 2007 and loves the place.  The care facility has plenty of options for the residents but Betty loves traveling around with Susun.  Call it Driving Miss Betty.  Susun is already planning a plethora of adventures with Betty this season.  We're already lobbying Bob to take the four of us over to the In N Out in Prescott.  Betty LOVES In N Out!
Susun left here mid-morning and didn't return until 5 pm.  She also managed to get in a visit with Kate and Brock at Verde Earthworks. 

Coincidentally, Goatherder might be poised to do some driving for Verde Earthworks running some of their recycling routes around the valley.  GH spent yesterday morning learning the ropes from Pedro who is about the age of GH's son, Josh.  There was some talk of a big birthday party for Kate on 11-11-11 but she's decided she doesn't want have a hoop-dee-doo celebration.

A week from today we will be taking off for Mesa to spend a couple of night with Roger and Nancy before Susun flies off to San Diego for a Happy Thanksgiving week with Sarah, her grandsons and Stasea, too.  She better not forget her camera for that trip!

The blog author laid low yesterday.  He woke up with a really painful knee and could barely hobble around the straw house.  The pain didn't begin to subside until mid-afternoon.  It feels somewhat better this morning so perhaps we will be able to do some weed whacking before the next storm is due to arrive over the weekend.  Luckily, it's progged to be a weak storm with little rainfall.  We have been truly soaked and hosed here this past week.  At times it looked like the straw house was sitting on an island in a large large.  Hey, maybe it was a  mini-Gilligan's Island, eh, Spudboater?

After the knee became less lame later yesterday, we were able to get a few things done around here, including the final unpacking of our remaining stuff.  My shed--The Guy Shed--is now organized and tidy once again.  There's not much on tap in our upcoming calendar.  We're taking a well-deserved social break.  No lunches, dinners, parties or other appointments lie ahead.

That's all the news there is this morning.  Have a great day & Many Cheers,jp

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