Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday wrapup

Yes, it's true, we are very remiss in blogging.  Sorry 'bout that.  This blog post of more of a photo album than a regular narrative.  You will find some commentary below each photo.
One of the highlights of our return ti Ol' Airy Zonie was the delivery of Joshua's new OBB Sunday afternoon.  He was delighted to receive the boat.  Pa Goatherder put together an awesome lunch as only GH knows how to do.  Josh, Katie and GH are Family here and it's great to be back enjoying their Happy Spirits.
The entire Sunshine Family made the migration with us this year.  We didn't leave any of them to freeze through the dark winter in our Idaho basement.  They were very appreciative, of course, and have been filling the straw house with much merriment.
Each branch of The Sunshine Family Tree, such as they are, has their own little area to stretch their legs and tend to the young 'uns.
Grand Pa and Grand Ma Sunshine are definitely poised to rock around the clock.
Yesterday morning we enjoyed the first of many fun Tuesday Target Shoots.  Everyone there welcomed us back with smiles and hugs and happy handshakes. We shot our "new" 93-year-old Colt M1917 .45 ACP revolver for the very first time yesterday.  What a cannon!  It's great.  After the Tuesday shoot, we spent three hours with the group above out on the Montezuma Well National Monument, our neighbor.  That's local celebrity Bill Cowan at right waving.
Bill and NPS Archaeologist Matt Guebard did a lot of head and beard scratching Tuesday trying to match old photos with the current "lay of the land."
This is the autumn view looking downstream along Wet Beaver Creek.
It's quite the typical fall riot of color in the lush riparian area here.  The photo above looks down over the Monument's picnic grounds.
Pa Goatherder was the very first to greet us upon our arrival November 3rd.  He drove over his new ride.  We insisted on doing a "family portrait" of a Man and His Truck.
Although quite late, here's a shot of our very first campfire the night we arrived back home here.  We've onyl managed to light 3 campfires out of seven potential nights.  The weather has been real wet.  We've received over an inch and a half of rainfall.  Last night, we hosted Dear Friends & Neighbors Gary and Robin for dinner.  It was Robin's birthday so we sang Happy Birthday and lit a campfire to serve as her campfire.  The high humidity put a chill in the air that the campfire really couldn't dispel so we skee-daddled inside soon to enjoy another wonderful Miss Susun dinner.

Hopefully, we will get back in the groove with blogging.  Thanks for reading & Many Cheers, jp


Marti Spudboater said...

You look happy as a clam by your campfire. And Wet Beaver Creek looks gorgeous right now. GH's new ride is sweet as well. Josh will have to enter the Verde River Canoe challenge in his new to him kayak.

stasea said...

how appropriate that gma and gma sunshine are on Grandma and Grandpas old clock!! the rest of the pics are great too.