Friday, November 11, 2011


On again, off again, on again. That's how it went with Kate Blevins Birthday today.  Kate, Susun and Jodi cooked up a plan last night and it all came together like clockwork this morning.  Everyone showed up at the Montezuma Well National Monument parking lot just before 11 am.  We all hot-footed it down to the Well Outlet and were able to line up and smile just in time for 11:11 am on 11-11-11.  YEA! (Naturally, Susun made the signs.)  Meanwhile, a group of meditators were doing their ritual nearby.  We were invited to join in and it was a fitting and powerful experience.  Everyone fell totally silent--so quiet you could hear a sycamore leaf falling to the ground.  Someone played a flute with impeccable beauty and all our Spirits soared.  Later, Kate climbed atop a charismatic rock and read us a wonderful poem.  Afterwards, we dutifully trooped up to the Well itself.  It was one of those special days at the Well--not a hint of wind or even air movement.  The water in the Well was so still, you could see the reflection of one of the ancient ruins.  (Look closely, it's there.)   Finally, everyone adjourned to a nearby Mexican restaurant to enjoy a festive lunch together.  It was a truly memorable way to observe the uniqueness of 11-11-11.  Happy Birthday & THANKS, Kate!

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