Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Connie & Michael Visit

Connie and Michael D. from Cottonwood, Arizona, arrived for an overnight visit yesterday about 1 pm.  We gave them the "three hour tour" and enjoyed a great evening of fine friendship.  Connie and Michael actually came out to Bowery to visit us in July 2007.  We last saw the at our Anti-Super Bowl Party in early February this year.  They are very fun folks and went out of their way to come and visit.  They were on the Oregon Coast and decided to come back to Arizona "the long way."  THANKS for your Great Visit, Connie & Michael!
(In the bottom photo, Susun shows Connie Facebook videos of her grandsons.)

Yesterday morning we attended a ribbon cutting for the new Ryder Park family fishing pond.  While the dignitaries were making speeches, several kids were pulling big fish out of the water.  Fish & Game put 2,000 fish in the small pond so practically every cast resulted in landing a fish.  There's nothing like success to hook kids on fishing.

Our trip to City of Rocks is definitely a "GO."  The weather will be as perfect as possible for the upcoming weekend.  We're sure looking forward to it.

Susun is coming along well after her oral surgery Monday morning.  She's still on a diet of soup and very soft foods.  She gracefully abstained from Happy Hour last night and, instead, served up a wonderful meal for Connie, Michael and me.  THANKS, Sweetie!

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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durgil said...

Thanks so much for your hospitality John and Susun: showing us around your fair city and two wonderful meals (not to mention a place to stay out of the rain. Alas, the rain has followed us all the way to Beaver, UT, but we are snug and warm here at the DeLano Motel, and only $40. We picked up some cheddar cheese curds at the local Cache Valley Cheese Co., so it's curds, wine & crackers tonight!