Thursday, October 6, 2011


As predicted, our local temperatures dropped with a resounding thud.  Boink.  A few days ago we were well above 80 degrees and now here we are sitting below 40 degrees.  As we noted before, somebody upstairs sits beside a switch laughing a sinister laugh.  When the time comes, that "somebody" gets a glint in their eyes and they flip the switch and laugh hysterically.  When the temperatures fall as far and as fast as they have in recent days, it always seems a lot colder than what the thermometer actually says.  In the middle of winter, 39 degrees would be a veritable tropical heat wave here.  Kids would be prancing around in shorts an t-shirts and flip-flops.  Heck, down in Arizona, we yawn at 40 degrees around our winter evening campfire.  We've stayed out by that campfire down below freezing.  However, 39 degrees coming on the heels of 83 degrees on October 3rd (and 87 on October 1st!) is a real shock to Ye Ol' human thermostat.'s COLD outside!  We've been sitting between 38-41 degrees for almost 12 straight hours.  Susun even remarked this morning that some heat in the house would feel great.  She's got that right.  It's 63 here inside the house right now and that's only 3 degrees away from flipping our own switch--on the gas forced-air furnace!  Time to bundle up, dress warm, sip hot soup and wiggle toes in heavy, warm socks.  We actually, truly really do love the sudden change of seasons here but it DOES takes some "attitude adjustment" to go from hot summer to cold fall in less than a week.

Have a great day & Many Cheers,jp

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The Goatherder said...

A huge change here too. Less than a week ago it was daily 95's here. Yesterday it was cloudy, cool and breezy. Leaves blowing everywhere. Misty rain. It didn't get over 70 all day. Overnight 48. It's going to warm back up a bit, but I think the 90's are long gone. Welcome fall.