Monday, September 12, 2011

Tex Creek Hike

We went for a fine hike on Sunday 9/11.  We drove about 20-25 miles east of the city to a place called The Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area.  Our "Texpert" guides were Bill and Karen S.  They've been hiking that area each Sunday pretty much all summer.  

We were out about 5 hours but actually hiking for only 3 of those hours, as you can see by the photo of the GPS that shows all the pertinent data for the hike.  The area reminded us a lot of Arizona's Agua Fria watershed by Arcosanti or perhaps those barren mesas over by Springerville, Arizona.  Tex Creek joined Willow Creek and the combined flow empties into Ririe Reservoir, one of the so-called BuRec potato ponds.  It was really fun to be out on a walkabout once again.  

THANKS, Bill & Karen for your gracious guiding gift!
Bill & Karen are happy, positive, cheerful people and a delight to go hiking with.
 Willow Creek (above) creates a wildlife-rich oasis in the desert mesas east of Idaho Falls.
 Those basalt-lipped mesas look so much like Arizona's Central Highlands.
 Susun's in "Her Element" once again.  Her back behaved well and she did a great job on the hike.
That's the upper end of Ririe Reservoir way off in the distance. Photo by Karen S.
 Here's the GPS track map.  Forget that one weird point on the right.  We didn't go there.
 And here's the elevation profile.  It should have shown that
we came back to the elevation of the beginning on the left.

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