Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Golf Season Begins

YIPPEE!  It's time once again for the Famous Fall Golf Season here in River City.  Susun, Terry, Carrie and Little Yonni will take to the links at 10 am today.  Of course, these are the short links--golf lite, if you will, AKA: The Kiddie Course.  It's easily the most fun that $3.25 can buy.  Susun won't actually be playing today as she doesn't want to risk tweaking her back.  That rotational movement that's necessary to swing the club would put her back into a world of hurt.  Instead, she will be Carrie's Caddy.  Terry and I won't have the luxury of our own caddy but we will somehow muddle through.  We have perhaps upwards of a month of Fall Golf ahead with perfect weather, blue bird skies and no other little kiddies cluttering the fairways and greens.  The allure of golfing fades mightily during the heat of summer here.  Once the temperatures drop back down to a civil level, it's time to hit the little links and have some hootin', hollerin' fun.  Hopefully, we will get to play at least twice a week and, hopefully maybe even more than that.  Last fall, we were really sad to see the season come to an abrupt end when snow finally covered the grass.  Now that we know just how much fun can be had "on the cheap" out there on the kiddie course, we will do our best to max it out.

The Parks & Recreation Commission meeting yesterday was held under a tent at the city's zoo.  River City's zoo is a truly top notch facility in every way.  It's rightfully one of the city's crown jewels and it was truly fun and special to be able to enjoy a meeting there "on the green."  The Idaho Falls Friendship Garden people made a great presentation.  Terry M. stood to present our recommendations for the Memorial Drive Project.  Even thougt we listed some things that are already under consideration, our involvement clearly has already made a difference in the project.  The movers and shakers are making sure they are talking with each other and reading from the same page.  Prior to our involvement, the "command and control" aspects of the project had sort of slipped into a municipal ozone hole.  It was a fun meeting, at least as far as meetings can be.

Susun had yet another Sisters Soiree last night.  Several of her female friends gathered in the courtyard and the proverbial good time was had by all.  Little Yonni disappeared down into his reloading room and put together a fine and shiny batch of .45 ACP ammunition.  He also made detailed, written plans for an extreme makeover of our basement storage scheme.  The goal now will be assemble all our outdoor gear into one area of the basement rather in than various nooks and crannies tucked here and there.

Yonni also had a great time enjoying on of his dormant hobbies--thrift store shopping.  We scored a special surprise for Goatherder that will send him into orbit.  We also finally found a great Eddie Bauer Range Bag.  We have been visualizing finding a nice range bag there for months with no luck.  Finally, one appeared for a mere $3.  Oh, the joys of t-store shopping!

Well, 'tis time to begin rustling up golf gear and prepping to coax a tiny white orb across acres of manicured green grass into a small hole marked by a fluttering flag on a metal pole.  Yes, golf is a game based on essentially strange behavior using strange tools but it is very much fun and we love it!

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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