Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fishing for fun

 When Houn's Dawg and Suzanne go fishing, they are fishing for fun as much as fishing for fish.  If they catch a fish, that makes them happy but if that hook onto a whole big bunch of fun, they are even happier. Chances are always good they will reel in some fine fun no matter how bad the fishing might be.  This past weekend, they netted both fun AND fish!  A big part of the fun for this Happy Couple is fixin' and eatin' camp food.  Houn' Dawg is one of the few people we know who also photographs their food.  Isn't that a fine photo at left.  HD entitled the picture, "Sunday Services."  We can only imagine how they bowed their heads in reverences of those services.  Yea, verily!

Here's Suzanne with one of the seven large rainbows she caught. Once again she outfished HD as he caught only two fish. It's a friendly competition between the pair. Suzanne can charm a fish out of the water. HD? Not so much. HD & Suzanne traveled to a very obscure and little known are called the Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area. It's perhaps 60-70 miles north of here--about 15 miles north of St. Anthony. There are a series of little ponds out in the desert. Fish & Game keeps the ponds well stocked but the little water bodies receive only slight fishing pressure from the public.

Houn' Dawg not only takes photos of their meals, he is also fond of making portraits of his chuck box.  We suspect this is a fine Happy Hour thing to do when camped in MOAN Country.  We've done it ourselves a tie or two.  There's something about a finely wrought chuck box that brings out the poet and the philosopher in a Camping Man.  Perhaps it harks to our primal days or perhaps it's simply a celebration of outdoor efficiency.  In any event, we appreciate photos such as these.  THANKS, HD!

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