Thursday, August 25, 2011


Time once again for a glob on ketchup on our plate.  Yep, we haven't been posting much here lately.  Maybe it's been a heat-related malaise.  Maybe we've just been busy.  Maybe we're lazy slackers.  Maybe it's all three and more.  Who knows?

As is usual for this type of post, they hark to the very subtitle of this blog: "Ruminations & Reminisces about Mundane Meanderings."

Joshua W. is heading off to college tomorrow.  Pa Goatherder will escort Josh to his new dormitory digs.  The whole "leaving the nest" thing is such a huge milestone in the lives of both parents and their offspring.  We wish them very Happy Trails and Many Cheers!

It looks like Gary W. will be visiting here afterall.  He was originally going to arrive late last week.  Now it could be either tomorrow or even Saturday.  We will all believe when we post a photo here of his smiling face in our courtyard.

These sultry summer Wednesday nights have been delightfully delicious.  After I return from the Wednesday evening shooting match, we turn on the courtyard twinkling lights and sit around talking and noshing on fine foods and having a wonderful time.  There's only one shooting match remaining  next Wednesday for this summer season.  We will miss these wonderful late evening interludes.

Everything finally came together for last night's match and I did quite well--the best of the summer.  It's been a tough road to travel but I was finally actually pleased with my overall performance. Whew, it's been a long time coming.

Susun's been busy with Dina at Hilda's Garden.  The dynamic duo is really keeping that place looking ship shape.  Thanks, Susun and Dina!

We have put up a few blog posts this morning.  Any LBR who knows Gregg Wallace will really enjoy the Flagstaff Flashback post below.  Scroll down and enjoy!

Well, there's really not much to report--everyone's simply waiting for this heat wave to subside so they can return to a more normal lifestyle here in River City.  For our part, we're anxiously awaiting the cool down so we can get out on the Snake River in our canoe and/or kayak.   Speaking of the river, LBRs will remember a long time ago, Stasea told us about Stand Up Padding (SUP).  It was only a matter of time until someone brought this new fad home to the Snake River in Idaho Falls.  Post-Register Ace Photographer Monte LaOrange took the copyright photo of Doug Kufus below.  It appears in this morning's newspaper.  We know Stasea will smile when she sees it.  We wish we would have been the first to indulge in this sport but, hey, the entry ticket price is pretty steep!  And, afterall, we already have our share of boats here.  That's all, folks, have a Great Day & Many Cheers!  jp

PS--Sometimes blog comments slip through digital cracks in our content.  Now and then we review the Master Comment page to see if we missed any incoming comments.  Lo and behold, Deano & Lora left one under the "Assorted Pork Chops Overhead" post.  What they said is below in italics.  What we say is: SWEET!  Thanks, D&L!

"I can't tell you how much I love this, let's try this: " I know I weenie man, he owns a sausage stand, he sells most anything from hot dogs on down... someday i'll share his life, I'll be his weenie wife, oh how I love that sausage man! Hot Dog!" Of course it leaves a lot to the imagination, without the melody...Lora & Deano"

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