Friday, August 26, 2011

Heat Goes On

Same old, same old.  Another day, another new high temperature record set.  Yesterday's 94 degrees blew away the 1985 record by four degrees.  The next two days are pretty much the last chances left to set new records as the temps will begin to fade after that.

There was a comment yesterday about how to read the above graphic.  Well, the first two columns are month and day.  The third column is the average high for the day calculated over a 50-year time period.  The fourth column is the official record high temperature ever recorded for that date during the 50-year time period.  The fifth column is the year in which that record high temperature was logged.  The last column on the right is this year's recorded high temperature at the official NWS weather station located at the Idaho Falls airport. (AKA: KIDA)  There are two question marks remaining on the graphic because we don't yet know the high temperature for today and tomorrow.  Is that clear now, Class?  We sure hope so.

Yesterday was a rather lazy day for both of us. Susun busied about the yard, messing with gardening stuff and the courtyard.  Little Yonni enjoyed a laid back day as well--mowing the yard, shopping in a thrift store and tidying up his toys.

Gary W. finally hit the road at 6:40 am Arizona Time and arrived in Ogden, Utah in the early evening. He's 80% through "The P's."  That's Page, Panguitch, Payson, Provo and Pocatello.  He expects to be here this afternoon.

We enjoyed lunch with The Houn' Dawg.  He and his compadres have moved into newly remodeled quarters inside an old indoor go-cart track.  As the morning newspaper says, "You'd never know it was an old go-cart track."  Um...huh.  Anyway, all of the workers are now crammed into cubicles considerably smaller than those pilloried in a typical Dilbert cartoon.  It's quite a change from the spacious offices everyone has enjoyed for the last 20 years or so.  We tried to point out the bright side of the new location.  It's only five minutes from the Pinecrest chipping greens and five minutes to The WINCO Spa & Relaxation Center.  Plus, he can walk to Burger King.  We're going to do our best to help buoy HD's spirits about these new quarters.  Hang in there, HD!

The scoresheet from Wednesday's match was distributed yesterday.  We finished 5th out of ten participants in our Division and 16th out of 38 participants overall.  Those are our best finishes of the summer.  If we can finish in a comparable place during next week's final match, we will be very happy indeed.

The weekly blog statistics arrived this morning.  Sometime probably on Monday, we will cross the 10,000 visitor mark.  Here's the stats.  Thanks for reading and Have a Great day with Many Cheers!  jp

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            Total ........................ 9,910            
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            This Week ...................... 197            

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