Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rainbow Roger

 Roger came to roost yesterday and brought the biggest, brightest, best total double rainbow we've ever seen.  Now you all know we are connoisseurs of rainbows so when we say it was the best rainbow we've ever seen, that's really saying something.  This rainbow was intensely bright and huge.  It was so huge there was no hope of capturing it in a single photo.  It arced perfectly over the house and lasted seemingly forever.  The colors brightened to some of most intense rainbow hues we could ever imagine.  We can only ascribe this event to Roger's arrival so now we're calling him Rainbow Roger.  Roger's flight was 21 minutes late but it all worked out OK.  The flight actually left Mesa quite later than it was scheduled. The flight is listed on line as taking 3 hours but it actually took only one hour and 31 minutes.  Roger said it was a real rocket ride from Mesa to Idaho Falls.  We enjoyed a fun evening and dined on some Alaskan salmon donated by a neighbor.  YUM!  If Roger's Rainbow is an indicator, we can expect a very colorful visit ahead.  Welcome, Rainbow Roger!

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