Monday, July 11, 2011


Sun Day was a real blue for Little Yonni.  Miss Susun entertained Kris for a light lunch and had a fine time.  She spent the rest of the day continuing preparations for Roger's visit that begins about Happy Hour today.

Meanwhile Yonni got a wild hare and decided to play a round of kiddie golf all by himself.  My, my, what a fiasco that was.  He looked like The Three Stooges all rolled into one guy.  No matter what he did, the four golf balls he played on each of the six holes developed a mind of their own and went off mostly to parks unknown.  Yonni even managed to hit the trunk of a blue spruce tree with such force that the ball ricocheted back in his general direction at a high rate of speed.  Talk about slapstick comedy.  He even had his suspenders pop totally off on one wild swing. Yes, it was classic Three Stooges golfing and was actually the worst gold ever played in his lifetime.  It sure would have made a great YouTube video. Yikes!

Meaanwhile, an interesting story developed and took most of the rest of the day to play itself out.  The guy who came by Saturday to look at the pistol called and said he was already out west of the city wanting to shoot it.  So, Yonni rounded up all the various things needed to make a target session feng shui and hot-footed it Way Out West where the lava flows.  Below is how we described what happened in an email to Dear Friends Tom and Wes:

"I have had the Taurus Mil Pro PT111 9mm advertised as "unfired" in the newspaper and on KSL.  I finally had a guy to come over and check it out yesterday and he says he will buy it.  He says he will pay my price of $350 (precisely what I paid for it) on Sunday when we take it out to go shooting together.  That's fine, I said.  So, we get out in the desert and we're shooting various other pistols and having a good old time and I say, "Well, Steve, I'd like for you to have this Taurus and fire it now but you will have to give me the $350 before you fire it.  He says, "Ah, shucks, OK, and shells out the $350.  Then he starts firing it and he can't hit the broadside of a barn with it.  His shooting is just totally terrible and embarrassing.  Now, I know he's a good shooter because of seeing him shoot other stuff so I know it's the pistol.  So, I offer to shoot it with my own ammo and I shoot it right on target.  Meanwhile he goes through his whole one box of 9mm ammo and it won't shoot worth a hoot for him.  I offered him my 40 rounds of 9mm reloads that I had brought along and gave him all sorts of coaching to no avail.  I could see he was really, really depressed.  He almost looked like he wanted to cry.  So I said, "Well, Steve, you're a really lucky man."  And he looks at me and says, "How's that, John?"  So I said, "Well, Steve you just so happened to run into an upstanding seller.  There's no way I'm gonna send you home with a pistol you don't like and can't shoot, I'm giving you your money back."  You should have seen his face.  He was thunderstruck and dumbfounded all at once.  If a face could express WTH, his did it.  But I told him, "Well, now Steve, you know I was advertising this in "UNFIRED" condition and it ain't unfired no more so we will have to take a bit of a discount in your refund, you know?"  And he says, "Sure, how much?"  And so I say, "well $25 seems fair to me" and he was overjoyed and kept thanking me for the rest of the afternoon.  It was a hoot.  Well, it turns out he really knew how to shoot.  He was a Vietnam Vet who had been in the thick of things over there.  He pulled out some really choice condition firearms from his truck and told me some stories.  He was a great guy and was so happy he got most of his money back. 
Anyway, the saga of the Taurus Mil Pro continues.  It's a sweet shooting pistol and I am going to use it for at least one IDPA match soon.  I can't wait for the next chapters of this saga to unfold."

Sarah sent some great photos of her sons last night.  I put up a blog post entitled "California Boys" and featured the photos front and center here on the blog.  Normally, I ask permission beforehand.  I better make sure it's OK to put up the pictures before they reappear here.  That's why the post vaporized.  They are delightfully cute-as-a-button photos so we hope it's OK to put that back up.  Stay tuned.

Have a great day with Many Cheers, jp

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