Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tuesday was another rockin' road trip for the Susun and our visiting friends.  The ladies went over into Grand Teton National Park to visit the Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve (LSRP).  It's a sweet special spot.  Above, Bonnie and Rosa stand in the water at the edge of Phelps Lake with the Teton Range in the distance.

At right, the Sunshine Sisters got a chance to escape the family compound and thoroughly enjoyed a change of scenery.  The girls were gone from 9:30 to nearly 7 pm and arrived home happy and bubbling with Happy Hour enthusiasm.  Bob and I spent most of the day once again at the shooting range.  As a result of Bob's ideas and insights, we're going to be changing around our shooting sports plans to make the hobby more enjoyable, efficient and cost effective. THANKS, Bob.

Tuesday evening wound well on to midnight before the revelers retired to slumber land.  Today promises to be somewhat more sedate that the previous two days.  Rosa will bid adieu and make the shuttle and plane trek back to Ol' Airy Zonie.  Bob and I will participate in the IDPA match this evening

On a local note, Houn Dawg and Suzanne ventured north this past weekend to fish on Island Park Reservoir.  They had a great time and finally enjoyed some well deserved fishing success.  Way to go, HD & S!

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