Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Company Comes

Susun, Rosa and Bonnie went to Island Park and Upper and Lower Mesa Falls yesterday.  They also toured Riverside Campground and had lunch at the Warm River Campground.  Bob and Little Yonni spent most of the day at the shooting range.  The ladies hosted and all-female soiree during the evening while Bob and Yonni had a guy's picnic at The Falls and then roamed around the greenbelt before retiring into the basement reloading room.  After the party people dispersed, a nice little summer evening rainstorm rolled through as we five sat under the blue spruce laughing and chatting about our VODs.  (VOD = Vignettes of the Day.)  Today, the self-named Serape Sisters will head out to the Tetons to tour the Laurence Rockefeller Preserve while Bob and Yonni do deja vu duty once again on the range.  Home, home on the range....This will mark I think the 6th day in a row I have been out there.   Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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