Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Sun is Shining this morning

Sunshine in the early morning is a rather rare commodity in these parts so it deserves it's own blog post title today.  Perhaps we will shuffle our hunched, moss-covered back outside to rub our eyes in disbelief.  On recent days when teh sun has dared shine, it's been a very brief appearance.  Gray clouds with little fits of rain have quickly displaced any show by Ol' Sol.  Hopefully, today will be different.

Astute readers may be wondering where last night volcano post went.  We removed it from this blog and put it where it belong, over on the Geek Speak blog.  You can click here to find it.  As you know, we try to avoid overly geeky stuff here.  Chattering about the river has been bad enough but volcanoes?  Come on, that's just a little too over the top, don't ya think?  We have a free pass to speak geek all we wish over on that other blog.

Hey, speaking of the river, the local daily newspaper carried a front page story today that the peak is most probably behind us.  The reporter opened his fine story with this lead-in paragraph: "Very slowly now, Mike Beus is letting go a long sigh of relief."  Yep, ya got that right--we can all exhale now.  The river's now holding steady at 21,000 cfs, slightly more than 10,000 cfs below it's Friday peak.

After Susun visited the dentist, she spent the rest of the day gardening.  We're talking the entire day here.  She barely had the energy to eat some dinner before retiring early from a case of gardening overload.  It's lawn mowing day so Susun and her Dear Friends, Lee & Rachel, can play croquet tonight.

I spent yet another day embedded in either the basement of Sportman's Warehouse.  We had several long phone chats with our reloading mentors, Tom and Gary.  THANKS, Guys!  By the end of the day we figured out to reload 9 mm.  One of these days, we will write about it over on the shooting blog.  It's quite the time-consuming hobby and it's a hobby we think we can really develop over the long run.  It's a lot of fun and requires rigid attention to detail.

On Thursday morning, we're heading out to visit The Land of The East Fork up in Salmon River Country.  Heather and her Mom will be arriving tomorrow at The Dream Ranch and have invited us up to join them.  Every visit to Heather's Dream Ranch is always such a special occasion so we're really looking forward to a short sojourn out in a portion of the back country we know so well.  This won't be a camping trip--we get to stay in a real building with hot running water.  Our main preparation chores in the next couple of days will be mainly assembling various foods and beverages to share with Heather's guests.

Wayne Ranney posted up to his blog Sunday about his recent trip to Hawaii.  You can click here to read it.  Wayne has become a genuine World Class blogger.  Congrats, Wayne!

The Spudboater is off on a Great Big Adventure.  She left yesterday for an uncertain set of circumstances regarding a river trip on the legendary Middle Fork of The Salmon River.  Not only is the Middle Fork running high but the road to the put-in is closed with deep snow.  You can read some of her thoughts about the matter (as well as some chicken stuff) by clicking here.

Lastly, we know some of our LBRs will enjoy visiting Kirsty's blog as well.  Kirsty and her Family are having some really Big Time Fun with the Family's newest member, Baby Ella.  Kirsty started what she's calling The Ella Project and it is a huge hoot.  You're going to love it--I promise.  Click here to go to Kirsty's always awesome blog.

Have a great day and Many Cheers, jp

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