Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Soiree

Suzie's Summer Soiree Season is now in full swing now.  Yesterday, Rachel, Lee and Teresa (l-r in bottom photo) joined Social Butterfly Miss Susun for a courtyard dinner and croquet afterward.  Little Yonni, the resident life size Yard Gnome took care of all the grounds maintenance and croquet game set up.  Susun really knows how to entertain and puts on as delightful a soiree as you're likely to encounter.  She's in her element once again!

We went out to the shooting range for a couple of hours mid-day to test out our new handloads and meet with the IDPA Match Director.  Turns out this guy is a certified NRA Pistol instructor and we received a one-on-one, hands on lesson from a real pro.  Our shooting accuracy improved immediately.  It's amazing how you can pick up little bad habits that you don't even realize are bad habits until someone politely points them out to you.  It makes me wonder what other bad habits I am walking around with every day in all other aspects of my life.  All-in-all yesterday, we reloaded 200 rounds of 9mm--pretty good for a total newbie at this newfound hobby.

Today's going to be a very busy day as we have to leave practically crack of down tomorrow for Salmon River Country.  We're going to Natalie & Stephen's home for lunch tomorrow to look at God's White Samurai and probably help do some maintenance on it.  We haven't visit with Nat & Steve for a long time so we need to get there pretty early and it's 4 hours away. 

Tonight's the next IDPA weekly match.  Last week, I finished last in my class and second to last overall.  LBRs know we love being Type A about stuff.  Well, this club is Type A on steroids.  Not only do they keep incredibly detailed and complex score sheets for EACH of your shots but they put each week's scoring results online for the whole world to see. Everything is right down to the 100th of a second.  No kidding. You can click here to see last week's score summary.  Note Little Yonni at the bottom of the SSP class.  (SSP = Stock Service Pistol).  Luckily, my first round was that 9.31 second score so people at least knew I could shoot before my scores went south from there.  I thought the time was 8.81 but it turns out they added a half second penalty for hitting the edge of a scoring circle line.  Half seconds are as low as they go, no quarter seconds or nothing.  Well, anyway, you can sure see how you stack up against the other shooters and there's absolutely no hiding from a lousy score.  I love it.

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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