Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Earth, Wind and Rain

Wasn't there a group called Earth, Wind & Fire "back in the day?"  Yep, here's the Wiki on them.  well, we think there oughta be an Eastern Idaho group called "Earth, Wind and Rain."  Maybe they could put some rythmn into this rain--it already provides plenty of funk and blues.

Today is more of the same--rain and wind on our flat earth here.  The rain is beginning to impinge upon the snowpack but not in a hugely devastating way. Two Ocean Plateau has dropped four inches of water content in five days since its peak so its definitely beginning to come on down.  As long as the rate of recession is stable, it's manageable.  Today's newspaper includes a telltale quote from the Main Man at BuRec.  he says all they fear is a "rogue storm from the tropics."  Yeah, he got that right!

We had a nice little Parks & Rec Commission meeting yesterday.  I told Terry M. my main benefit of joining that group was to get to meet him. He's a lot of fun.  THANKS, Terry!  Other than getting to visit with Terry, the meeting was real boring and definitely not the stuff of novels.  It took some effort to keep from falling asleep and embarrassing myself by having my forehead hit the table.  That would not be cool.

We dilly-dallied and procrastinated long enough that we didn't have to mow the yard.  We SHOULD have mowed the yard but by the time we got around to it, the rain began in earnest and we missed our opportunity.  Oh, well, at least we sold some tires on the hoof, so to speak.

Today we will get the new Michelins and then sell off the used Goodyears this evening.  Whoop-dee-doo, huh?  Meanwhile, today's a nice day to continue organizing our basement workshop.  Real scintillating stuff. Tuesday night chess has been placed on probation.  If we go out there tonight and its filled with those annoying urchins, then that's the last time we're checking in there for the foreseeable future.  We will simply resume playing chess on the computer.  It's boring but at least the computer is silently polite.

Eastern Arizona continues to go up in flames.  The Wallow Fire has grown to nearly a quarter million acres.  Since it's not remotely contained and since the high winds are expected to continue for a few days, we'd bet the fire's size will soon become the largest fire in Arizona history.  That might have an asterisk in the record book, though, because the fire is fixing to cross state lines and start burning down part of New Mexico.  Once again, this fire is thought to have started from an abandoned campfire. If the fire gets over into the nearby Gila Wilderness, it sure could become monstrous in a hurry.  There's about 2,300 personnel on this fire and that figure will probably grow larger in the next few days.

Well, that's about all we have to report today.  Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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