Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoshone Falls

The first photo below shoes what Shoshone Falls looks like most of the time. The irrigators take all the water and there's really nothing left for The Falls. Years and years go by and people come and stare at rocks and say, "Gee." Well, now it's been rock and roll all day long at The Falls and this bottom photo is what it looked like Saturday at 21,000 cfs when Idaho falls resident Robert Drexler stopped by for a "look-see." THANKS, BOB, for letting us use this awesome photo. As anyone who takes photos of waterfalls knows, you can't really get too close because the spray from the falls obscures your lens in a nano-second. Bob must have been doing something special to get this photo.  Click here for the Wiki on Shoshone Falls.

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stasea said...

short but sweet....stasea was here!! and all caught up!! Love you guys!!!