Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weird WX

The weather has been quite strange not just for us here in Idaho but for our friends down in OAZ as well.  (OAZ = Ol' Airy Zonie)  It snowed on Maggie's Place in Flagstaff yesterday.  (That's Maggie's Garden shown above!) The morning HAM net was all a-Twitter with the wild, whacky and weird weather all across Northern Arizona yesterday.  This is barely a week before Memorial Day so, yes, it definitely qualifies as WEIRD!

One of the Shining Icons of the Idaho Annual Calendar cycle is Opening Day of fishing season.  Basically, Opening Day is a lot like a religious holiday, perhaps like Christmas or Easter or something of that magnitude.  Heck, it's probably better than Thanksgiving for a lot of addicted fishermen.  Imagine a combination of cabin fever with fish fever and a dose of obsessive compulsiveness and you get a good idea what happens to the fish people here.  Now, through in one of Eastern Idaho's most famous annual events--the St. Anythony Fisherman's Breakfast--and you have a recipe for barely controlled chaos.  The Holy Grail of Opening Day is a place called Henry's Lake.  It's a genuine Mecca.  Well, guess what?  Henry's Lake is totally and completely frozen over--S-O-L-I-D!!  WOW, this is a cause of HUGE concern here in Eastern Idaho right now.  It's never frozen over by Opening Day.  Fishermen everywhere are on their knees casting their eyes, hearts, hands Heavenward sending fervent pleas for "ice out" by May 28.  Odds are the ice will still be firmly in place by May 28th and that could send uncounted tens of thousands of fishermen into a state of total despair and depression.  Only time will tell but it is an entertaining soap opera while it lasts.

We will hopefully add another blog post later today.  We spent a lot of time earlier this morning updating yet another blog we maintain.  We've long ago lost count of the blogs we own.  We think it's "30-something."  Sometimes by the time we get around to writing The Daily News, we are plumb  "blogged out."  So it is this morning.

Have a great day and Many Cheers!  jp


Marti Spudboater said...

A year ago this weekend we were hanging out together amidst a different kind of snowy vacation by the campfire at Baumgartner Hot Springs. And we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and burning the campground hosts wood pile; slumming in the hot springs and hiking around. And you and Susun were interviewing folks. I was worried I'd get home to frozen tomato plants as it was storming wildly down to 3500 feet in Boise.This year I'll be finishing the screened enclosure for the chicken coop and planting the remainder of the garden. Photos will follow. And yes, the tomatoes and pepper went into the ground last weekend.

The Goatherder said...

It was 38 here in Cornville this a.m., and didn't get over 60 all day. I was forced to put on long pants and (the horrors!) SOCKS!! The clouds are gone now and I'm a bit worried that it might just make it down 6 or 8 degrees further tonight. The tomatoes are on their own though, I'm manifesting 40 degrees. Ommmmmmmm......