Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Falls @ 27000+ cfs

This is what Google calls an "Original Sized" photo.  Normally, we use the "X-Large" setting so it resizes for the blog screen.  You can click on the photo above and then click it again to see the larger size.  it's not the true original size since it wouldn't load--it was too large--just like The Falls right now.  There's simply no way to convey how freaking HUGE The Falls are running right now.  We did a 38 second video and it is embedded below.  We tried to pan from the top to the bottom and still missed a lot of it.  There's not way to truly capture the power and magnitude of this event.  Oh, well, at least we are trying.  Yes, we ARE trying, a lot of people would agree with that, eh? (Here's the link for the video in case the embed doesn't load:

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