Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Debby

This is the "A Team."  Debby is third from left seated in the front row.  She's wearing black.  All the other ladies are the heart and soul of the much vaunted "A TEAM." They are all amazing individuals each in their own way.  The guy in the back left is the new Director of the RSVP.  His name is Don Johnson and he has no connection to Miami whatsoever.  We met today at a retirement center known as Lincoln Court.  Out in the lobby, the clients were having an ice cream social.  Luckily, we had our own niche where it was quiet and "just us."  We are very proud of Debby.  Meeting her and getting to work with her was THE highlight of my 2.5 years there.  Debby is the quintessential Virgo.  She lives and breathes "organization" in every way, shape and form.  There's no detail too small to escape her eagle-eye attention.  In my whole life I never worked with anyone who remotely cared as much about the "devil in the details" as Debby.  She was/is awesome in that--and many other--regards.  She has the rapt devotion of "The A Team."  Those ladies love her dearly as she does them.  It's a fabulous co-dependent relationship the likes of which are the stuff of novels and soap operas.  I am grateful to have been there today.  THANK YOU to DON for getting it all organized and THANK YOU to DEBBY for making the surprise factor work so well.  YA DUN GOOD!

Cheers, jp

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