Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now you see it, now you don't

 The gangbangers tagged an alley wall a half block north of our house last night.  One of our neighbor's called it to my attention not long ago this afternoon.  She said she had called the cops and that they were trying to find the tagging.  She said the city would paint over it.  Well, I learned the "inside story" on the city's anti-tagging efforts while I was RSVP Director.  The city might get to it within the next couple of weeks...and they might not.  So, I scrambled home and grabbed a gallon of paint, a roller cover, etc. and reported for duty at the scene at 4:06 pm.  The tagging was gone and I was home with everything put away at 4:19.  POOF!  GONE!  One thing most folks know--the quicker you can make the tags disappear, the less likely they are to waste their paint near your place.  The taggers place a high value on longevity of their gang symbols.  It's vitally important to react instantly.  And so it is done.  Cheers, jp

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