Saturday, May 7, 2011


For some unknown reason, we both got up at 5 am this morning.  Susun rested up all day yesterday.  She declared a phone and TV free day and took long naps, too.  That's probably the root cause for being up at 5 am today.  I didn't leave the house until nearly 1 pm yesterday.  Thursday was way too much work for retired people so we made up for it yesterday.  But 5 am today?  Hum....maybe we are out of sync with our sleep cycle.

There's not much to write about this morning.  The weather's "bad" so it's going to be a brief visit to the Farmers Market this morning.  Those hardy vendors really have to grit their teeth and tough it out during the early part of each year's season.  Today will be another brutal, windy, rainy day for them.  Our neighbor, Chuck, will be performing with the Eagle Rock Pipe Band at a new Farmers Market starting nearby at Snake River Landing.  We plan to go watch him perform in the raw weather we're having.  The NWS dweebs say parts of Eastern Idaho could get as much of three inches of water out of this storm.  One to two inches is a lock.  It's going to be wet for days.  We're loving our cozy, warm little bungalow during weather like this.  At least we got the lawn under control before this round of rain began.

As a result of having nothing much to discuss this morning, we roamed El Net reading various newspapers and blogs and so forth.  Wayne Ranney posted a fine description of his trip to Toroweap.  Click here to read it.  Goatherder has a slide show on cooking corn dogs.  If you like look at boiling grease and carb-coated sausages, it's fun to look at.  Click here to check it out.  Spudboater's been on a blog break since her fine post on the chicken coop.  Speaking of blog breaks, The Drewster hasn't posted anything on his Geek blog since mid-November last year and on the family blog since late February.  Kirsty has a fine post on May Day at her Momedy blog.  For our part, we put up our first post on a specific golf hat last night.  You can click here to read it.

Down in the Salt Lake Tribune there's a large, substantial article that compares this spring with the famous 1983 floods.  If you love watching snowpacks and rising rivers, you will love this article.   There's some real serious snowpack happening out there, folks.  While the Mississippi is getting all the limelight now, beware that the white heat of national media attention could soon turn to the Wasatch Front and Eastern Idaho, too.

We checked in on the Flagstaff newspaper, too.  Death in the Grand Canyon is common and there's articles about two recent fatalities.  Surprisingly, there's an article about some moron who drove his car over the south rim of the Grand Canyon and survived.  His car plunged 200 feet and luckily got hung up in a tree.  He climbed back up to the rim and sustained only minor injuries.  He told authorities he "accidentally" drove over the edge of the rim.  Now, tell me, how can anyone "accidentally" drive off the rim of the Grand Canyon?  This is why we have given him  Moron Of The Day Award.  You can click here to read the article.

We toyed with the idea to go snowshoeing tomorrow.  There's still 32 inches of snow up in Harriman State Park.  And we do have usable snowshoes here (as well as in Arizona).  However, the specter of gas prices has finally caught up with us.  By the time we pay gas (even in the Nissan) to go up and back and buy our day passes and so forth, we'd be out close to fifty bucks.  That flat out ain't worth it.  We're going to be pretty judicious in how we allocate our travel money this year.  Day trips are far down the list.  If we spend the gas money to get someplace, we want to stay there for 2-3-4 days--it helps lessen the blow to the wallet of the sticker shock at the gas pumps.  Besides, it might be a blizzard up there tomorrow.  Blizzard in May, you say?  Yep, very well could be, it's that kind of year.

Well, this morning's wind is only blowing a steady 26 mph with gusts to a mere 35 mph, ho hum, just another Idaho Spring Day!

Have a great Saturday & Many Cheers!  jp


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