Friday, May 6, 2011

Grass Attack

We unleashed a blitz attack on our lawn yesterday--the most intense one-day campaign ever mounted on our lawn here.  First, we slogged our way through way too many stoplights out to the Ammon Ace Hardware to rent a monster power rake.  The darned thing weighs 154 pounds and sounds like a self-contained tornado when it's ripping dead thatch from the grass.  We somehow covered the entire lawn and had the thing back to Ace in less than an hour so the total bill was a mere $15.  These weird machines actually sell for almost $2000 (see this link) so it was a special treat to be able to use one for less than one percent of its purchase cost.

After taking a break to write the post on hobbies below, we then went back to the front lines and fired up the MLS (Monster Leaf Sucker) and sucked up over five bulging 39 gallon lawn bags filled with dry, dusty, dirty, dead grass thatch.  What a filthy job--clouds of dust everywhere!  At that point, we realized to also needed to actually MOW the grass, too.  So, we fired up the trusty lawn mower and went over it yet again--making the third time in a single day we covered the lawn with a gas-powered machine.  We harvested yet another 39-gallon bag full of clipping from the mower.  Then we cut open that 50 pounds bag of fertilizer and used our small hand spreader to sift a healthy dose over the entire yard.  Whew, by the time all of that mayhem was finished, we were plumb tuckered out and nursing a wrenched left shoulder to boot.  It was about all I could do to take a shower and go shopping at the WINCO Spa & Relaxation Center.

Meanwhile, Susun was right in the thick of things after her lunch with Teresa.  She continued working well after I retired behind the lines.  She finished her long day by watering in the fertilizer.  She logged all of her tireless work, we might add, after a strenuous morning workout at the Apple Athletic Club.

When Happy Hour finally rolled around, we both wearily admired the results of our handiwork.  The lawn looks great and we imagine it is very happy being freed of all that choking dead thatch.  Now the grass has some room to grow and green up when the warm weather finally (one of these days or months) reappears here in Idaho.

Yesterday was actually the warmest day of the year so far here with an official high of 71 degrees, five more than predicted.  Now, it's back to the future in the 60's and even 50's next week after a pretty stout round of rain storms Sunday through Tuesday.  Today is a gray day and the wind is blowing pretty good in the teens already this morning.  After such a strenuous day, we're moving low and slow this AM.

That's about all we have for Friday.  Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

PS--Yep, he's playing with his food again.

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